Does Staples Sell Boxes? All Related Queries Answered

Does Staples Sell Boxes

Boxes can come in handy for moving, shipping, packing, and storing supplies. They are essentials that you should always have in your home. But what if you do not have any more unused boxes?

Luckily, you have many nearby stores to visit. For instance, almost everyone has a Staples outlet somewhere nearby. They have all office and business supplies. But does Staples sell boxes? Lets’ find out!

Does Staples Sell Boxes?

Yes, Staples have a wide variety of boxes. You can buy them from the store or online. With some boxes, the option for pickup is also available.

Staples is mainly known for its office supplies. However, they also sell cardboard boxes of different types. You can buy standard, heavy-duty, cube, multi-depth (wardrobe), and side-loading boxes.

What Type Of Boxes Does Staples Sell?

What Type Of Boxes Does Staples Sell

Staples has a large selection of boxes, including shipping, moving, documents, and mailing boxes. You can explore all the options on the Staples website.

You can filter the search based on Corrugate rating, box height, length, and width. They have corrugated mailers, shippers, shipping boxes, and layer pads.

Mostly, Staples boxes are categorized as small, medium, or large shipping boxes. But, you can find the one that suits your needs.

Does Staples Sell Gift Boxes?

Yes, you can buy gift boxes from Staples.

They have a separate section for gift bags and boxes in their stores and online. Gift bags are the standard bags with rope handles.

On the other hand, gift boxes are wholesale corrugated gift boxes available in different colors.

Does Staples Sell Shipping Boxes?

Yes, Staples has a large collection of shipping boxes on its store and website. These include heavy-duty, professional, multi-depth, standard, and tall shipping boxes.

Most boxes are available in a bundle of 25. And the prices vary depending on the corrugate rating (ECT) and box type.

For instance, a standard shipping box of 25 packs costs $33.49.

Does Staples Sell USPS Boxes?

Yes, USPS boxes are available at Staples. USPS and Staples have recently partnered to offer services in all stores.

That is why you will find USPS shipping and mailing services at every Staples store, which is open all week.

Does Staples Sell Lunch Boxes?

Yes, Staples does have lunch boxes. They have a separate section for lunch bags, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

However, most lunch boxes are available in Staples’s “Back to School” section.

It is a line of school supplies, including backpacks, calculators, writing accessories, and lunch boxes.

Do Staples Give Out Free Boxes?

No, Staples does not give out free boxes. However, they are certainly more affordable than most other stores.

A bundle of 25 standard shipping boxes can cost $11.29. That means $0.45 per box. Similarly, a bundle of heavy-duty boxes is available at $37.49, meaning $1.50 per box.

You might want to visit other stores which give free boxes. Read our full blog on Does Walmart give Free Boxes?

Do Staples Take FedEx Boxes?

Yes, FedEx services are available at Staples, including boxes.

That was started during Covid-19 to ship throughout the country. And, it is quite easy to pick up or ship an item through FedEx in a Staples store.

You may also want to know whether Walgreens sells FedEx Boxes or Lowe’s sells boxes.


Staples can be the complete solution for all your shipping and packing needs. They have partnered with FedEx and USPS to level their box game even higher.

Now, you can find all types of boxes at Staples. These are designed with high-quality cardboard and other materials to hold even heavier items conveniently.

Additionally, Staples is also home to other packing supplies. That includes glue, tape, labels, etc.

You can pair your boxes with these items to complete your shipping box. Or buy materials from Staples and create boxes at home.

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