Does Safeway Sell Stamps? Complete Variety, & Price

Postage stamps can be a challenge to buy. It is very difficult to purchase the ones you are looking for.

Although many grocery stores and office supplies retailers have stamps, they may not have a broad category. Hence, people head to supermarkets in hopes of finding a wider variety.

Safeway has become one of the biggest supermarket chains in the US. So, does Safeway sell stamps? If yes, then which ones? Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

Yes, Safeway does sell stamps. As of 2023, almost all of its locations in the US and Canada have this item in stock.

You can contact your local Safeway location to inquire about which stamps they have. The price and variety can vary from store to store.

Generally, stamps are available at normal operational hours at Safeway. That includes all 7 days a week.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps

What Kinds of Stamps Does Safeway Have?

Generally, Safeway only sells Forever postage stamps.

They are available with the US flag design. However, theme-based stamps may also be stocked during special occasions.

Safeway is not allowed by the post office to sell individual stamps. Therefore, they only have booklets available. You will find sheets of up to 20 Forever postage stamps at Safeway locations.

Forever stamps do not have an expiration date. You can use them whenever you need. And, their value does not decrease with time either.

Hence, you can buy several booklets of Forever stamps from Safeway at once.

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Does Safeway Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Forever stamps are available in most Safeway stores as of 2023.

In fact, it is the only type of stamp available at Safeway. Note that not all Safeway stores may have the same selection and prices.

Does Safeway Sell USPS Stamps?

USPS stamps are available at select Safeway locations.

Up until last year, USPS stamps were widely sold at Safeway. However, they are not found in many stores now.

Only a few locations may have USPS stamps in stock. You can contact your nearest Safeway store to inquire about this product’s availability.

Does Safeway sell Single Stamps?

Safeway does not sell individual stamps. They only sell stamp booklets that contain a set number of stamps, typically 20.

These can be purchased at the reception desk in the store. As Safeway does not have a post office kiosk, it cannot offer individual stamps for sale.

Does Safeway Take Food Stamps?

Yes, Safeway does take food stamps in all locations. However, EBT cash is not available in all states.

Safeway allows food stamps on pickup as well. Customers can use this payment method to buy groceries, food, and beverages from Safeway stores.

But, this option is not available in Safeway mobile application as of yet.

How Much Are Stamps at Safeway?

One booklet of Forever postage stamps can cost $18.40 at Safeway.

That means $0.92 per stamp. However, individual stamps are not sold at Safeway. So, you are only left with the option to buy booklets.

It is important to consider that Safeway sells booklets comparatively cheaper. In fact, the post office itself sells at $1.07 per individual stamp.

Not to forget that Forever stamps do not expire. Hence, you have a good deal on your hand.

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How to Buy Stamps at Safeway?

Stamps are available at customer service desks at Safeway. You can buy it from there by asking the employee.

Safeway has reception desks at the front of the stores. You can head there to buy stamps.

They can show you the variety. You can buy a booklet of 20 stamps or multiple booklets, depending on your needs.

Does Safeway Sell Envelopes?

Yes, envelopes are available at most Safeway stores.

Safeway also carries office essential supplies. That also includes envelopes. You can buy a pack containing up to 100 envelopes. They are also available in various sizes.

The most popular option currently is Top Flight Security Strip & Seal in 4.125-inch x 9.5-inch size. One pack consists of 10 – 45 envelopes and costs $2.50.

To Conclude

That’s all there is to know about stamps at Safeway. The popular supermarket chain does upgrade its stock.

However, it is highly unlikely that they will add other stamps than Forever. On the bright side, these can last for a long time. That’s because Forever postage stamps have no expiration date.

You can buy a pack now and keep them packed in an envelope in your drawer. Safeway can also help you with that envelope!

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