Does Safeway Sell Helium Balloons in 2023? Types & Price

Does Safeway Sell Helium Balloons

Modern talk shows have made helium balloons all the more popular. It is really funny to see someone talk after inhaling the gas.

Helium can change your voice and give it a comedic rasp. However, these balloons can also elevate a decorated space.

So, where do you buy helium balloons? Well, the first option is to opt for a supermarket. They will have tons of options.

The first name that pops up in most people’s minds is Safeway. So, does Safeway sell helium balloons? Let’s find out!

Does Safeway Sell Helium Balloons?

Yes, Safeway does sell helium balloons as of 2023. You will find them in most locations in the US and Canada.

Generally, they are kept with other decoration items. You will find various balloons in Safeway stores.

They also have some options listed on the online store. You can buy balloons online from the Safeway website or mobile application.

The popular supermarket chain can also help you inflate balloons. It will save you time and energy.

Does Safeway Fill Helium Balloons?

Yes, many Safeway locations do fill helium balloons. Usually, this service is provided within the flower department of the supermarket.

That said, helium might not be available in all Safeway locations. Therefore, you will not find this service in many stores.

The best way is to contact your nearest Safeway location. They can tell you whether they offer this service or not.

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How Much Does a Balloon Filled With Helium Cost at Safeway?

A bouquet of helium balloons can cost anywhere between $55 to $90. The price depends on the number of balloons. Moreover, it can vary from store to store.

You do not have to pay for filling gas if you buy helium balloons from Safeway.

However, if you have bought from another place, you will have to pay the helium fee. Usually, it costs $2 to fill a helium balloon.

It can cost $4 or more to inflate a medium to large balloon. The price can go as high as $10 per balloon.

Does Every Safeway Store Fill Balloons With Helium?

The thumb rule is to see if the Safeway store has a flower department. If it does, then it is highly likely to fill balloons with helium.

The availability can vary from store to store. You can use the Safeway store locator to receive contact information for your nearest location. Ask them beforehand to ask about the availability of this service.

Where at Safeway Can I Fill Helium Balloons?

Balloons are filled within the flower department of a Safeway supermarket.

It is quite easy to locate the floral section. You can ask an employee for the right directions. Flower bouquets are also present there. You can buy as well as inflate them from the same department.

What Balloons Will Safeway Helium-fill?

You can bring in balloons of any material to fill from Safeway at a certain fee.

Latex and Mylar balloons are widely available at Safeway locations. These can be filled from almost all Safeway stores. You do not have to pay the inflating fee if you buy from the store.

On the other hand, Safeway takes at least $2 to fill a balloon bought from somewhere else.

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

A small to medium helium balloon lasts for only 12 hours maximum. On the other hand, larger helium balloons up to 3 ft can survive 5 days at most.

You will see the helium deflating within 8-10 hours. However, it also depends heavily on the environment. Provided with the right conditions, medium helium balloons can last 2-3 days.

But smaller ones are not durable at all. It is recommended to buy helium balloons bigger than 11 inches (28 cm).

To Wrap Up

In summary, Safeway is a popular supermarket chain that offers helium balloons for sale in the US and Canada. They also offer mylar and latex balloons.

Many Safeway stores also provide a service to inflate helium balloons, typically within the flower department.

A bouquet of helium balloons at Safeway can range from $55 to $90, depending on the number of balloons and the specific store location.

However, the availability of this service may vary from store to store, so it is advisable to check with your nearest Safeway location to confirm if they offer helium balloon inflation.

Keep in mind that helium is a finite resource, and there are environmental concerns about its use in balloons, so recycling them properly after use is important.

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