Does Safeway Sell Electric Razors? All You Need to Know!

Does Safeway Sell Electric Razors

Electric razors are the most convenient for grooming. You can buy them from almost all supermarkets. Safeway is one of the biggest departmental store chains in the US.

They have locations in nearly all states. You can also find Safeway supermarkets in Canada.

They have a wide stock of shavers, razors, and wax. But does Safeway sell electric razors? Here’s everything you need to know about this matter!

Does Safeway Sell Electric Razors?

Yes, Safeway does sell electric razors. While the variety is not that wide, they have some popular brands available in stock.

The Safeway website has a separate section for Shave Needs. The same can be said for their supermarkets. These items are kept in a dedicated aisle. Safeway has disposable as well as electric razors.

You can find brands like Bic, Schick, Gilette, Remington, and Dollar Shave Club. Safeway also carries razor blades in different packs.

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Does Safeway Sell Trimmers?

Yes, trimmers are available in the Shave Needs section of Safeway. You can buy them from stores as well as online.

The most popular option is currently out of stock. It is the Gillette Styler Beard Trimmer 3-in-1. Some other trimmers are also available.

If you find some items out of stock, there’s no need to worry. Safeway will restock its higher-selling products soon.

Does Safeway sell Trimmer

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Is It Better to Shave Wet or Dry With an Electric Razor?

Electric razors are recommended to be used on dry skin. Wet shaving can result in awkward cuts.

When you shave your wet hair, the water layer is also present. Most people do not think about it. But, it can limit contact between the razor and your hair.

Wet shaving is even more difficult if you are not experienced. You can cause unusual nicks, ruining the overall appeal.

How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?

A good electric shaver can last as long as 7 years.

The low-quality ones can expire within a couple of years. It depends entirely on your usage and maintenance.

An electric shaver can last for a long time if you take good care of it. Make sure to clean it after every use. Also, replace your blades when it is the right time.

Generally, it is recommended to change blades after 12 months. But, if you do not use your shaver that much, a blade can even last up to 18 months.

Do You Need to Use Shaving Cream With an Electric Razor?

Electric razors are designed for dry shaving. Hence, they do not require shaving cream or any other product.

Usually, electric razors consist of a rotating blade. It does not require a catalyst like shaving cream. Simply turn on the razor and use it on your hair.

Avoid applying water or soap before using the machine. It can cause awkward cuts throughout.

Are Electric Razors Worth It?

Yes, electric razors are definitely worth it. Although they are more expensive than manual razors, they offer maximum comfort.

Moreover, electric razors are also more accessible. They do not require a lot of practice.

Even first-timers can use it without any issues. You wouldn’t need shaving cream or soap when handling an electric shaver.

Since it is easily controlled, you can avoid cuts and nicks. Electric razors cause lesser irritation than manual ones.

Considering all the benefits, it is better to spend extra bucks to buy an electric razor.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all to know about electric razors and trimmers in Safeway. Let’s revisit our original question. Does Safeway sell electric razors? Well, absolutely!

You can explore all the available options on Safeway’s online store. Most of them are available for home delivery. If not, you can always opt for the pickup option.

This way, you can avoid waiting in long lines. Go to your nearest Safeway location and pick up the desired razor!

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