Does Safeway Sell Chargers in 2023? Detailed Guide

A charger is essential for your smartphone. Basically, it gives life to your device.

Without a charger, a phone is useless. So, where do you find this mobile accessory? Luckily, supermarkets can save the day!

You might be wondering, does Safeway sell chargers as it is among the biggest Departmental store chain? Here’s the answer!

Does Safeway Sell Chargers?

Does Safeway Sell Chargers

Yes, Safeway does sell chargers. Various options are listed on the Safeway website and mobile application. You can select them for pickup or home delivery.

Note that not all products at Safeway are available for delivery. The same can be said for chargers.

As of 2023, they have various types. That includes a USB port, iPhone, Type B, Type C, and fast chargers. These are also available in several lengths.

Another good news is that almost all Safeway location carries chargers. Hence, you will not face inconveniences.

Does Safeway Sell Phone Chargers?

Yes, phone chargers are available at most Safeway locations as of 2023.

Some phone chargers are available for home delivery too. You can easily identify the ones as they have a “delivery available” option. Other ones are only eligible for pickup or in-store purchases.

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Does Safeway Sell iPhone Chargers?

Yes, you can buy iPhone chargers from Safeway.

You will find a wide variety of iPhone chargers at Safeway. They are available in different types and lengths.

Other than that, Safeway features Prime chargers for Android smartphones. These are available with foldable plugs as well.

You might also love to read if 711 sells iPhone Chargers or not.

Does Safeway Carry USB-C Chargers?

Yes, Safeway does carry USB-C chargers in its stores and online.

Generally, Vivitar is a popular option at Safeway. It is a type C cable 5 feet in length. Prime and Hottips are some other brands featured at Safeway.

That said, the variety and prices may vary from store to store.

Does Safeway Sell Phone Chargers

Do They Sell Portable Chargers at Safeway?

As of yet, portable chargers are not available at Safeway.

Safeway is not carrying portable chargers at the moment. Whether or not they will be in stock depends entirely on the supermarket.

You can contact your nearest location to ask whether they have portable chargers or not. They can also inform you when it will be restocked.

Does Safeway Sell Car Battery Chargers?

Yes, car chargers are sold at Safeway stores and online.

As of 2023, Dual USB Car Charger is a popular option. Additionally, they also carry Energizer dual and battery chargers.

You can also look for available batteries at Safeway. They offer battery replacement services in some locations.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about Safeway and chargers. The supermarket chain carries all the chargers you will need.

You can buy this product for your smartphone, car, etc. Even better, Safeway also sells batteries. You can replace the old ones at an affordable price from selected locations.

If you have any doubts, you can view the Safeway mobile application or website to find out whether an item is in stock or not.

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