Does Safeway Do Money Orders in 2023? FAQs Answered

Does Safeway Sell Money Orders

Are you looking to buy money orders? Well, you should opt for a local store that offers this service.

However, finding a small retailer that sells money orders can be difficult. Your safest bet is to head to a supermarket. There, you can surely find what you are looking for.

When it comes to supermarkets, people immediately think of Safeway. Does Safeway do money orders? Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Safeway Do Money Orders?

Yes, Safeway does sell money orders. You will find this service in most Safeway locations throughout the USA and Canada.

Safeway has a signed contract with Western Union. Hence, they are allowed to offer money order services to some extent.

You can place and buy money orders from the majority of Safeway supermarkets. They also allow money transfers via Western Union.

Generally, money orders are at the checkout or reception desk in a Safeway store. But, some locations also have a separate department for money-related services.

In addition, you may be wondering if Albertsons sells Money Orders or whether Target sells Money orders or not.

Can You Purchase a Money Order With a Debit Card at Safeway?

You can purchase a money order with a debit card at Safeway, but not in all locations. Not every Safeway store allows purchases with debit cards.

 The widely accepted payment option for money orders is cash. It is also the safest bet in Safeway locations. That’s because it works in all stores that offer money orders.

Safeway does not allow purchasing money orders with credit cards either. The reason can be the increased interest rates.

Does Safeway Cash Money Orders?

Unfortunately, you can not cash orders from Safeway as of 2023.

Safeway only sells money orders. They can also help transfer money using this method. However, they do not cash a money order.

You can go to a bank, Credit Union, money transfer service provider, convenience store, check-casher, or post office, to cash your money orders.

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How Do I Fill Out a Money Order From Safeway?

You can fill out a money order in Safeway by requesting it at the customer service desk.

Financial services are usually managed from reception or customer service desks. Some bigger Safeway supermarkets also have a separate money department.

You can ask an employee for a money order, and they will help.

What is the Maximum Amount Allowed on a Money Order?

Generally, the maximum amount allowed on a money order is $1,000. You must opt for multiple money orders if you want to process more.

It is important to note that the amount can vary depending on the store. That’s because not all stores have the same guidelines by Western Union.

For instance, Safeway charges $1 for buying money orders. And the service fee is around $0.59. Similarly, these prices can differ from store to store.

Is a Money Order Traceable?

A money order can be traced, but it is limited. And the process is not as easy as tracing a check.

Money orders can be traced with your receipt. Hence, keeping it with you until the order has been cashed is recommended. Money order issuers can help you with the tracking process.

But they do charge a fee. The USPS website also lets you see if a money order has been cashed.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about Safeway and its money order acceptance. The popular supermarket chain does sell this service. They can also help you transfer money.

Head to your nearest Safeway location and ask for money orders at the customer service desk. Fill out the order, and you are all set!

If you have any difficulty, you can ask employees. They can help you with the process.

At the same time, it is important to note that Safeway can not help you with cashing or tracking a money order.

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