Does Publix Take GoodRx in 2023? Top Alternatives!

Does Publix Take GoodRx

Unfortunately, most Publix supermarkets do not accept GoodRx discount coupons in their pharmacy departments. However, some locations are where GoodRx is accepted, so it’s worth checking with your local store.

While the majority of Publix pharmacies don’t accept GoodRx, it’s important to note that some locations in select states do honor the discount program.

To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend contacting your nearest Publix pharmacy to inquire about their participation in the GoodRx program.

Alternatively, Publix does accept SingleCare, another prescription savings program that offers many of the same benefits as GoodRx. This could be a valuable option if you want to save on your medications at Publix.

Do Any Publix Locations Take GoodRx?

Yes, some Publix locations do take GoodRx. As mentioned earlier, not every Publix location rejects GoodRx. Some supermarkets still accept their coupons in the pharmacy section. Many Publix pharmacies in Florida will take GoodRx.

Does Publix Pharmacy take GoodRx gold?

No, Publix Pharmacy does not take GoodRx Gold as of 2023. GoodRx Gold offers even better benefits. It costs $9.99 and allows access to better discounts.

Generally, it is accepted everywhere GoodRx is taken. Publix does not allow either of these options in most of its locations.

Many other popular retailers also do not take GoodRx and GoodRx Gold. You can still use Gold Rx at Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Safeway and other local pharmacy chains.

Does Publix in Florida Accept GoodRx?

Yes, Publix does take GoodRx in Florida. More than 33 Publix pharmacies accept this option during checkout.

Publix has over 33 locations in Orlando, Florida. Luckily, they all allow GoodRx. That’s mainly because they do not have other services, like SingleCare.

In these locations, you can use GoodRx and GoodRx Gold. You can avail of its benefits and discounts on your prescribed drugs.

Can GoodRx be Used at Any Pharmacy?

Yes, most pharmacies do accept GoodRx coupons in the US. CVS is the prime example. It accepts GoodRx and GoodRx Gold in all locations.

Many other local pharmacies will also take this option. Some names include Rite Aid, Kroger, Costco, and select locations of Walmart also accept GoodRx.

At the same time, many popular retailers do not allow the use of GoodRx. A prime example of that is Walgreens.

Using GoodRx at Publix

Does Publix Price Match Prescriptions?

No, Publix does not price-match prescriptions.

In fact, Publix does not price-match most of its merchandise. The pharmacy section is out of the question as GoodRx is unavailable there.

You can still opt for SingleCare for up to an 80% discount on your prescription drugs. But that’s about it. There is no option to price-match a specific item to get even more discount.

Does Publix have a Prescription Program?

Yes, Publix does have a prescription program. It is regulated by SingleCare to offer up to 80% discounts on medicines.

It is important to note that SingleCare is a program like GoodRx. It has its benefits, like lower prices for prescribed drugs.

Plus, it offers free reusable coupons to subtract the retail prices further. You have to get your SingleCare card to become part of this program. It does not use insurance or another card.

Many Publix locations have a separate pharmacy section. They can deliver a prescription for as low as $5 to your doorstep. Plus, you can schedule the delivery date.

Does Publix take SingleCare?

Yes, almost all Publix pharmacies take SingleCare on prescribed drugs.

SingleCare comes with several benefits. It is available at all the Publix supermarkets. You can get your SingleCare savings card. It offers huge discounts on retail prices of prescribed drugs.

How does it work? Well, you can shop from Publix pharmacies as normal. Simply present your SingleCare card during checkout. You will get discounted prices for the eligible items. Then, you can pay for the rest of your order.

Which is better GoodRx or SingleCare?

SingleCare offers better prices but is not available at as many pharmacies. On the other hand, GoodRx is available at virtually every pharmacy in the US, but it does not have the best prices.

In terms of pricing, SingleCare is the superior option. It offers better value on prescribed drugs with up to 80% discounts.

Plus, it does not require any subscriptions. The downside of SingleCare is that it is only available at 35,000 pharmacies. And it only sells medications to prescription holders.

GoodRx also offers up to 80% discounts on prescribed drugs. However, its prices are not as good as SingleCare.

Its pros are that it is available at over 70,000 pharmacies in the US. And it allows medications without or without prescriptions.

What Stores Allow GoodRx?

CVS, Albertsons, Costco, Kroger Pharmacy, Safeway, Rite Aid, and some locations of Walmart allow GoodRx coupons.

GoodRx is accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies in the US. And those retailers will also take GoodRx Gold. It is also available at local pharmacy chains.

You can contact the nearest one to you and ask whether they accept GoodRx. The GoodRx store locator can also help you with this task.

To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on GoodRx and Publix. While supermarket and pharmacy chain does not accept this option widely, it can be used in other places.

You can opt for GoodRx coupons and their benefits at most other pharmacies. It can offer up to 80% discount on prescriptions and drugs.

Publix pharmacy is also very convenient. It allows you to order a prescription online and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can then show it at the counter and buy medicines using SingleCare, GoodRx, etc.

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