Does Publix Take Apple Pay in 2023? (FAQs + More)

Apple Pay is a popular mobile payment method. It is accepted at every place that takes digital wallets.

You will find it is listed as an acceptable option at grocery stores, restaurants, and fashion retailers.

Many departmental stores also accept Apple Pay. And that leads us to one of the biggest names in this category, Publix.

It has a long list of accepted payment methods. But does Publix take Apple Pay? Here’s the truth!

Does Publix Take Apple Pay??

Does Publix Take Apple Pay

Yes, Publix does take Apple Pay as of 2023. They recently upgraded their POS systems to accept mobile payment options. I found this payment method to be accepted at almost every Publix location.

The store now accepts all the major mobile payment methods. Those include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. You can use them at almost all locations. Simply select them during checkout.

They work on Publix online as well. You can select a mobile payment method during the checkout screen.

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How Do You Use Apple Pay at Publix?

You can pay with Apple Pay at Publix by holding your iOS device over the contactless reader.

Paying with this payment service is really simple. It works almost the same as any other mobile payment method.

There are some minor differences due to iOS devices. But here’s how to use Apple Pay during checkout at Publix:

  • Double-tap the side button of your iOS device.
  • Verify with your Face ID.
  • Select a card to pay.
  • Bring your phone close to the contactless reader once you get the message “Hold Close To Reader.”
  • Wait until you get the confirmation on the screen.

You can also change your card before paying with Apple Pay. It allows you to connect multiple credit cards and bank accounts.

You have to set one as default that is automatically selected during checkout.

How to Use Apple Pay for Publix Online?

You can also use Apple Pay for Publix online by adding it as a payment method and selecting it during the checkout screen.

First, you have to set up an account on Publix Online. You can do so by going to the official Publix website. On the top bar, click on “Delivery and Curbside Pickup.” You will be redirected to Instacart.

Here, you can add Apple Pay as a payment method. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to “Account Settings.”
  • Tap on Payment Method and then on “Add.”
  • Now, select Apple Pay and enter your account information.

Once your account is verified, it will be added as a payment method. How do we know if it is successfully added? Well, you can ensure that it is listed as an option during the checkout screen.

How to Use Apple Pay at Publix

Does Publix Take Apple Pay for Instacart?

Yes, Publix does accept Apple Pay as a payment method for Instacart.

Instacart is a third-party service available for various grocery and departmental stores. Luckily, Publix is also on it. You can use Publix’s Instacart to get the desired items delivered to your doorstep.

The good part is that they also accept Apple Pay. You can use this payment method on Publix online for home delivery as well as in-store pickup.

What Devices Can Be Used for Apple Pay at Publix?

Apple Pay is a built-in service that can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at Publix.

You can also use the payment method on your Apple Watch and iPad. The payment method works the same here.

Publix also allows using these devices to pay online or in-store. Mac can also be used for Apple Pay when shopping online.

Is Using Apple Pay at Publix Safe?

Yes, using Apple Pay at Publix is completely secure and safe.

Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods. It is better than debit, credit, or prepaid cards. Plus, it requires your Face ID or passcode to confirm payment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Publix?

Publix offers cashback rewards for the future on every purchase you make using Apple Pay.

Besides cashback, Apple Pay has various other benefits. It is easy and convenient to use. You do not have to worry about another card to the store. It works in-store, online, and on Instacart.

Additionally, it has a better security system than card payments as it does not give away your financial information.

Can You Earn Cashback With Apple Pay for Publix Purchases?

Yes, Publix offers cashback rewards on future purchases if you use Apple Pay as a payment method.

It is a very beneficial payment option. You can avail of the cashback rewards at Publix using this method. All you need is to pay for your order using Apple Pay.

Now, the information will be saved on your account. And you will get cashback rewards on future purchases.

What Other Payment Methods Does Publix Accept?

Publix has a long list of accepted payment methods, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, EBT, and mobile payment options.

The store accepts all the major credit and debit card companies. Those include Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Visa.

Furthermore, you can use EBT on SNAP-eligible items. Programs like WIC are also available for eligible participants at Publix.

Last but not least, Publix takes all the popular contactless payment options, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. If none of these is feasible, you can opt for the old-fashioned cash option.

What Other Stores Allow Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is available at almost all grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Food Lion, Aldi, Stop and Shop, Wegman’s, Cub Foods, Albertsons, Harris Teeter, and Lucky Supermarkets.

Some other popular names include:

  • United Supermarkets
  • BI-LO
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Randall’s
  • Safeway
  • Farm Fresh
  • Hannaford
  • Hy-Vee
  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • BJ’s
  • Office Depot
  • Target
  • Giant Eagle
  • Meijer
  • Chevron
  • Suncoco
  • KwikTrip
  • Shell
  • RaceWay
  • Valero
  • Philips 66
  • Cumberland Farms
  • Chevron
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Duane Reed
  • Speedway
  • Sheetz
  • Citgo
  • Circle K
  • Exxon
  • Shaw’s
  • Pavilions
  • Sprouts

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide answers all your questions about Apple Pay at Publix. The payment method is available there in all of its glory.

You can use it to shop in-store and online from Publix. Plus it can also be used on the supermarket’s Instacart page. Simply set up your account and use it during checkout.

Another benefit of Apple Pay at Publix is the cashback reward. You do not have to pay additional charges to use this payment method. Instead, you get rewards on future purchases. Pretty good, right?

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