Does Publix Sell Ice in 2023? Variety+Cost

Does Publix Sell Ice

Are you making your favorite smoothie and running out of ice? Now, that’s a real problem.

The only solution now is to wait till your freezer makes more ice. Or, you can head to your nearest supermarket and buy a bag of ice.

Publix is one of the most popular grocery and pharmacy stores. But does Publix sell ice? Well, let’s find out!

Does Publix Sell Ice in 2023?

Yes, you can buy ice from Publix.

They have Reddy premium packaged ice and cocktail cubes by Home City and Natural Rocks Ice. In short, Publix sells ice from some of the most popular brands out there.

Does Publix Have Bagged Ice?

Yes, Publix does have bagged ice.

You can visit your nearest Publix store and buy ice bags from there. Or, you can order online via Publix’s Instacart. They have an ice bag of 10 lb available to buy.

How Much Does Ice Cost at Publix?

The Reddy Ice Premium Packaged 7lbs costs $1.50 at Publix.

However, the price varies depending on the bag size and brand. Reddy Ice is generally more accessible as it is available in almost every grocery and pharmacy store.

In contrast, other brands, such as Natural Rocks Ice, may cost higher. Also, the price of ice varies from Publix store to store.

Does Publix Have Dry Ice?

Yes, Publix does sell dry ice. As of yet, there’s only one option available in stores and online. You can buy Penguin Brand Dry Ice from Publix.

Here is our full article about Does Publix sell Dry Ice?

Does Publix Have Ice Melt?

Unfortunately, Publix does not have any ice melt products as of 2023.

Usually, ice melts fall into the category of home improvement products. Thus, you can buy them from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

With that said, some supermarkets may also sell ice melt products.

Does Publix Sell Ice Crushed Ice?

No, Publix does not sell ice crushed ice. They only have cubes, dry, and bagged ice in their stores.

You can visit other stores to find it. For example, Target sells Crushed Ice, while Walgreens also sells Ice Packs.

Does Publix Sell Ice Cube Trays?

Yes, Publix does sell a variety of ice cube trays in stores and online.

You can buy simple as well as crushed ice trays at Publix. They also have some out-of-the-box products, such as the Hex ice cube mold.

Publix also posts life hacks and recipes that require the usage of ice cube trays.

One of the most popular ones is the Strawberry ice cube tray bonbons recipe, which is positively rated on the website.

What Time of Year Is Dry Ice Commonly Sold?

Dry ice is commonly sold year-round, and you can easily find it at your nearby Publix store.

But demand for dry ice varies depending on the season. For example, it is commonly used in Halloween decorations, so demand is higher in October.

It is also used in shipping to keep items frozen, so its demand is seriously high during the summer months to help keep frozen goods frozen during transport.


So, does Publix sell ice? Yes, it does. In fact, there are multiple options to choose from. You can go for standard bagged ice, dry ice, or ice cubes.

In short, with this ice, you can fulfill all your smoothie, milkshake, and juice cravings.

It is important to note that the ice products you see on the Publix website are unavailable for delivery. That’s because shipping ice requires reefer facilities, which are not present at Publix.

However, Instacart does offer bags of ice to your doorstep via Publix. Thus, you can buy from there if you want it delivered to your given address.

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