Does Publix Sell Clothes in 2023? (Types +More)

Does Publix Sell Clothes

Do you want to purchase new clothes but don’t know where to go? Well, that’s an issue many people face.

Buying clothing from a credible and reputable store is necessary. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what you are buying.

You might have heard the buzz about the Publix clothing line. The first question that comes to mind is, does Publix sell clothes?

When did that happen? What kind of clothes do they have? Let’s find out all the answers in this guide!

Does Publix Sell Clothes?

Publix launched its own clothing line back in 2019. So, yes, Publix does clothes in all of its stores. Some clothing products are also available online at Publix’s Instacart. The clothing line is known as ‘Pup Sub.’

Other than some clothing products, Publix also has a BOGO-Themed pillow in its line.

What Types of Clothes Does Publix Sell?

The Publix clothing line has a range of products, including printed t-shirts, lounge pants, socks, slides, and a fanny pack.

Although all of them have different designs and prints, the green color is common throughout. And that fits perfectly with Publix’s aesthetics.

Publix Clothing

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Does Publix Sell T-shirts?

Yes, printed T-shirts are a part of Publix’s clothing products.

In the Pup Sub clothing line, the t-shirts are printed with the text “Chicken Tender Sub, Sweet Tea & Sprinkle Cookie.”

With this, you will also find the Publix logo printed on the t-shirts.

Does Publix Sell Clothes Hangers?

Yes, Publix does sell clothes hangers in stores and online.

They have standard as well as heavy plastic hangers. The latter can be used to hang heavier clothing, such as a complete suit. In addition, you can buy these hangers in packs.

Does Publix Have a Dress Code?

Yes, Publix employees have to follow a dress code. Generally, they have to wear a green shirt with a collar.

But, some stores are not that strict. They allow blue shirts, but they have to be collared. As for the dress code policy, it states that every employee should wear a green dress shirt.

Other than that, you also have to wear ball caps, slip-resistant shoes, and khaki or black dress pants.

Normally, the shoes’ color varies from department to department within a Publix store.

Some Publix stores give their employees two green dress shirts. However, an apron is given to new employees in all locations. And it is a compulsory part of the uniform.

Does Publix Sell Jackets?

Unfortunately, you can not buy jackets from Publix stores or online.

That’s because the Publix clothing line consists of summer threads, such as t-shirts, lounge pants, and fanny packs.

Does Publix Sell Pants?

Yes, you can buy pants from Publix.

However, they only have lounge pants as a part of their Pub-Sub clothing line.


Final Words

For summer clothing, Publix has you covered. It has some unique t-shirts with quirky prints that you’ll love to wear.

Their slides are also quite different from ordinary ones. The neon-green aesthetics of Publix clothing sets it apart from other clothes.

Hopefully, they will also launch more clothes, especially for winter. People will love to buy jackets and sweatshirts from Publix. So, let’s wait and see what Publix has in store for the future!

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