Does Publix Sell Books? (FAQs)

Why is it that we head towards Publix when we need something? Maybe they offer almost everything that we need.

The food is delicious, and the store is so much fun. But one question we have often asked is, does Publix sell books? It turns out the answer is yes.

So, how good is their book/paper/magazine selection? Let’s find out in this blogpost.

Does Publix Sell Books?

Yes, Publix sells books, but the selection is pretty limited.

Some Publix doesn’t have books at all. So, if you’re looking for a particular book, you might want to try a different store.

However, there may be common books like Big Nate in the Zone. Nonetheless, it is better that you call them ahead to know the availability.

Does Publix Sell Books

Does Publix Have a Magazine Aisle?

Yes, Publix has a magazine aisle.

You can find it near the store entrance, on the left-hand side, depending on the store.

Despite being a big store, Publix might not have a good range of magazines. But, you can find popular magazines like Glamour and recipe books.

Does Publix Sell Notebooks?

Yes, Publix sells notebooks.

They are usually located near the office supplies section in the store. Publix offers a wide range of notebooks, like:

  • Wired personal notebooks
  • College notebooks
  • Mead notebooks
  • School notebooks
  • Composition notebooks and more
Books at Publix

Does Publix Sell Paperback Books?

Yes, Publix sells paperback books.

However, they don’t have a wide variety. You’re more likely to find bestsellers and new releases.

Read the following articles to learn which other places sell books:

Does Publix Sell Books of Stamps?

Yes, Publix carries stamps.

They are only sold in the form of booklets. Also, they don’t have individual stamps.

Prices tend to be very reasonable, making Publix a great place to buy your stamps. A booklet of stamps costs around $11.

Does Publix Have a Printer?

Yes, Publix has a printer, but not for selling purposes.

You can use Publix services to print your documents and papers. But, you can’t buy any printers at their stores.

In addition, pay attention to the time, as Publix only offers printing services between 9 am and 6 pm.

Bottom Line:

Publix is not only a grocery store, but also offers a variety of other items, such as books, magazines, notebooks, stamps, and printing services.

However, the selection of books and magazines may be limited, and the availability of specific books should be checked before visiting the store.

While they have a printer available for use, it is not for sale. So, have you ever bought any books from Publix? How was your experience?

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