Does Publix Sell Batteries in 2023? Who Makes Them?

Not all stores sell batteries, but what could it be if you’re looking for a store that does? Does Publix sell batteries? What are the options they have?

Batteries aren’t just for cars and phones; they also come in handy for other things around the house. Here is a post that can inform you about the different types of batteries available at Publix.

Does Publix Sell Batteries

Does Publix Sell Batteries in 2023?

Yes, Publix does sell batteries. You can find them in the store’s electronics department.

They have the following type of batteries:

  • AA batteries
  • AAA batteries
  • 9V batteries
  • D Alkaline batteries and others

These batteries come in packs of 4, 10, 20, and 36 cells. Their prices vary depending on the type and size you need. For example, 10 AA batteries typically cost around $7.65.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable place to buy batteries, Publix is definitely worth checking out.

Who Makes Publix Batteries?

As a grocery store chain, Publix likely sources its batteries from various manufacturers. They may carry popular brand names such as Duracell and Energizer and their own private label brand.

However, we do not know the specific manufacturer of Publix’s private label batteries as it is not publicly disclosed.

Publix does indicate that the batteries are sourced within the United States and made with American parts, as stated on the back of the battery packages.

While the company acknowledges the use of third-party suppliers, the identities of these suppliers are not disclosed to the public.

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Does Publix Sell AAA Batteries?

Does Publix Sell AAA Batteries

Of course. You can find AAA batteries at any Publix store.

They’re in the checkout aisle, near the candy and magazines. The following kinds of AAA batteries are available at Publix:

  • Duracell AAA batteries
  • Energizer AAA batteries
  • Publix AAA batteries

Also, you can buy these batteries in packs 4, 10, 20, and 36 batteries per pack.

Does Publix Have C Batteries?

Yes, Publix does carry C batteries.

They can be found in the aisle with the other household batteries. Publix offers its self-made as well as Energizer C batteries.

Again, they are available in different packaging, like 2 or 4 batteries per pack. The price depends on the individual store and the size of the packaging.

Does Publix Sell Lithium Batteries?

Yeah, Publix sells lithium batteries.

You can find them in the hardware section or the battery aisles. Various kinds of lithium batteries are available at Publix, like:

  • Duracell 3V lithium batteries
  • Publix lithium batteries
  • Energizer Ultimate AA lithium batteries
  • Energizer lithium watch batteries and more

These batteries come in various packing sizes. Thus, the price differs accordingly.

Does Publix Sell Watch Batteries?

Yeah, Publix does sell Watch Batteries.

They’re located in the electronics section of the store. You can purchase watch batteries of different sizes depending on the type of watch you have.

Different types of watch batteries at Publix are as follows:

  • Energizer lithium watch batteries
  • Energizer silver oxide watch batteries
  • Duracell lithium coin batteries
  • Publix lithium batteries

Does A Battery Brand Matter?

Yeah, it definitely matters. Companies like Duracell or Energizer give longer battery life than other local brands.

Different battery brands have separate quality control procedures, so you may end up with a lemon battery if you don’t go with a reputable brand.

Also, cheaper brands may not use the same materials or construction techniques. Therefore they may not last as long.

So yeah, the battery brand does matter when choosing one.

Which Batteries Last the Longest?

Lithium batteries are generally considered to be the longest-lasting option.

They’re especially well-suited for high-drain devices like digital cameras requiring quick power bursts. However, the battery life depends on many variables, like what device you use, how often you use it, etc.

Similarly, when it comes to brand war, Duracell batteries usually last longer compared to Energizer. Like that, expensive brands have better battery life than average dollar store batteries.

Summing Up

The final arguments are that Publix sells batteries and is a great place to buy them. They have a wide selection of batteries, and their prices are also very competitive.

They carry popular brands such as Duracell and Energizer and their own private label brand. However, the specific manufacturer of Publix’s private label batteries is not publicly disclosed.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the battery brand does matter, as reputable brands like Duracell or Energizer tend to have longer battery life than other local brands.

All in all, you either need a watch battery or a cell for your baby toy. Don’t forget to check Publix.

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