Does Petco Sell Chinchillas? Yes!

Does Petco Sell Chinchillas

Do you love animals? Do you love going to pet stores and looking at all the adorable animals for sale, like Chinchillas?

Well, you can consider chain pet stores like Petco. But does Petco sell chinchillas? Should you adopt them as pets? Do they bite you?

Keep reading to know some interesting facts about chinchillas.

Does Petco Sell Chinchillas in 2022?

Petco is one of the most popular places to buy chinchillas. They have a wide variety of chinchillas to choose from.

Plus, their team is incredibly knowledgeable about these adorable creatures. Petco also carries food and accessories for these cute little creatures.

Are Chinchillas a Good Pet?

Chinchillas can be a good pet for people with plenty of time to keep them groomed and entertained.

They are very active animals and need to run around and play to stay healthy. Therefore, a  small cage will not cut it, and your chinchilla will quickly become bored and restless.

Chinchillas have one of the smoothest furs in the world. This makes them pretty good for cuddling. Additionally, they have a pretty good and gentle nature.

However, they also require a lot of attention regarding grooming. Moreover, they have big teeth, so provide them with plenty of toys.

How Expensive Are Chinchillas at Petco?

The price of a chinchilla usually varies store-wise. But it can range from $150-$400.

Though chinchillas are much more expensive than small animals like hamsters, they are cheaper than exotic animals like hedgehogs.

Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

Yes, Chinchillas love to cuddle and often bond very closely with their owners.

They are known for being gentle and affectionate animals. Plus, they will also make great pets for people looking for a small, quiet companion.

If you want a snuggly friend who will always be happy to see you, a chinchilla is probably the pet for you.

Do Chinchillas Bite You?

Chinchillas usually don’t bite. However, it really depends on the nature of the animal.

Some chinchillas are more docile and are less likely to bite, while others can be pretty aggressive.

Sometimes, they can grind the fingers of the owner, considering it a threat.

If you’re considering getting a chinchilla, it might be a good idea to research their temperament first.

That way, you can choose a chinchilla less likely to bite you.


Do Chinchillas Stink?

No, Chinchillas don’t stink.

In fact, they’re known for their lovely and distinct smell. Some people even say that they smell like cotton candy.

However, if your chinchilla is stinking, it might be due to bad health. Or, he may have caught a strain of dirt in his fur. Or, you are not adequately cleaning his cage.

Is It Okay to Have One Chinchilla?

Yes, it is okay to have one chinchilla. They are social animals and should ideally be kept in pairs or groups.

But a single chinchilla can make a good pet if you provide enough attention and playtime.

Chinchillas need at least an hour of exercise outside of their cage, so make sure you have plenty of toys for them.


Last but not least, Petco definitely sells chinchillas. They are one of the cutest and cuddliest animals.

Plus, They are also pretty active animals and make good pets. However, they can bite you in case of danger.

Finally, chinchillas have a fantastic smell and don’t stink. Yet, you should give proper attention to their smell to know about their health.

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