Does Petco Sell Bunnies in 2023? No!

You love rabbits, and you want to own one. After a bit of research, the name Petco comes up upfront. Now, you may be wondering, does Petco sell bunnies? And the answer will surprise you.

Petco has a lot of different small animals, including rabbits, and you can find everything you need to take care of your new pet at the store.

This includes cages, food, water bottles, and more. So if you’re looking for a furry friend to add to your family, Petco is definitely worth checking out.

Does Petco Sell Bunnies?

No, Petco doesn’t sell bunnies. They do, however, let you own bunnies through their adoption policies.

They not only have livestock of bunnies in their stores, but also they connect you with the shelter homes and owners to have one on your name.

Does Petco Sell Bunnies

When Did Petco Stop Selling Bunnies?

On November 17, 2008, Petco announced that they had stopped selling the bunnies.

Since they realized that people often buy a rabbit and then abandon it. So, they stopped their services of selling bunnies.

Why Can’t Petco Sell Bunnies?

A few things need to understand why Petco can’t sell bunnies. The first reason is that a large number of bunnies are surrendered to animal shelters every year.

And many of these bunnies are euthanized because there just aren’t enough homes for them. So by not selling bunnies, Petco can help reduce the number of homeless bunnies.

The other reason is that Petco doesn’t want to be seen as a place where people can buy animals as pets.

They want to be seen as a place where people can find information about adopting animals.

Additionally, they want to help connect people with local animal shelters so they can adopt an animal instead of buying one from a pet store.

Can I Bring My Rabbit to Petco?

Yes, you can bring your rabbit to Petco. However, some locations allow small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, while others do not.

If you’re considering bringing your rabbit to Petco, it’s best to call or visit your local store beforehand to see if they allow small animals.

That way, you can avoid any possible surprises or disappointment on the day of your visit.

And if your local Petco does not allow small animals, plenty of other pet stores would be more than happy to accommodate you and your furry friend.

Does Petco Sell Bunny Food?

Yes, Petco does have bunny food in its warehouse. In fact, they have a whole section of their website devoted to bunny food.

They sell different sustenances coupled with various nutrients so that you can find the perfect food for your bunny.

And if you’re unsure what kind of food your bunny needs, they have a helpful staff that can answer all your questions.

So whether you’re looking for hay, pellets, or vegetables, you can find everything you need at Petco.

How Much Are Bunnies at Petco to Adopt?

Generally, though, bunnies at Petco cost around $50-$100, depending on the breed and age of the bunny.

You should keep a few things in mind before deciding to adopt a bunny from a pet store or elsewhere.

For one, it’s essential to ensure you have enough space for your bunny as they need plenty of room to move around and play. You’ll also need to provide them with a litter box, food, water, and hay.

Additionally, be prepared to commit to taking care of your bunny for their entire life, as they can live up to 10 years or more.

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How Do You Buy a Bunny From Petco for Adoption?

You can’t buy a bunny from Petco, but you can adopt one.

Bunnies are available for adoption through Petco’s partner, the House Rabbit Society (HRS).

To find a bunny for adoption through Petco, simply type your zip code into the search bar on the HRS website.

A list of all the Petco stores in your area participating in the Bunny Adoption Program will pop up.

Once you’ve found a store near you, call to ask what time the store’s rabbit coordinator is available so you can meet some bunnies.

Please note that not every store carries rabbits for adoption, and availability may vary depending on the location.

The Final Line:

In concluding the guideline, Petco is a brand that definitely keeps the bunnies under its name. No, they don’t sell bunnies. You can adopt one if you really want to have a furry friend.

Plus, the store has things like bunny food and toys that you can get at affordable rates. So, wanna have a bunny pet? Give a call to Petco to own one.

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