Does Petco Sell Axolotls in 2023?

Petco is probably one of the top places you might expect to find an axolotl. But does Petco sell Axolotl? If not, from where can you get axolotls?

If you’re thinking of adding an axolotl to your family, make sure you don’t skip this guideline.

But also make up your mind to pay a high price tag to buy other necessary items to take care of your pet!

Does Petco Sell Axolotls?

No, Petco does not sell axolotls. In fact, they don’t even carry any of them. If you want to own an axolotl, you must look elsewhere.

Does Petco Sell Axolotls

Why Is Petco Not Selling Axolotls?

Axolotls are a species of salamander that can regenerate their limbs, and Petco stopped carrying them because too many people were buying them to cut off their limbs.

Also, keeping these little creatures as pets in some states, including Maine, Virginia, New Jersey, and California, is illegal.

Plus, they are endangered species, making it again challenging for Petco to keep axolotls in their outlets.

Additionally, it’s possible that Petco stopped selling axolotls because they’re difficult to keep alive. They require a particular habitat and diet that not all pet owners can provide.

Or it’s also possible that Petco realized they were losing money on axolotls since the average person doesn’t know how to care for them.

So, they often die soon after being bought.

Can You Buy Axolotls as a Pet?

You can buy axolotls as a pet, but you should be careful where you get them. Axolotls are federally protected in the US, so hunting them from the jungle/wild is illegal.

You can buy them from a pet store or online, but make sure you’re buying from a reputable source.

The following are the options that you can try to buy/own axolotls if your nearest store doesn’t have one:

  • Check with the animal shelters whether they have one or not
  • You can try your luck at other pet stores
  • Some private breeders also sell axolotls. You can find them in private Facebook groups and on Insta pages.
  • You can ask your vet as they generally have information about this regard.

Axolotls have unique needs that not all pet stores are prepared to meet. They need a large tank with clean water, and they need to be fed a specialized diet.

If you’re not prepared to meet these needs, then choosing another type of pet might be better.

How Much Does an Axolotl Cost Normally?

Though Axolotls are a kind of endangered species, they don’t cost too much. You can buy one for $30-$100. This price is for a primary and juvenile axolotl.

Pay up to $200, and you can get a healthy one as a pet for yourself. However, the prices vary from breed to breed and store to store.

Plus, you may even need to buy additional supplies to support them. This will also cost you extra bucks. Like, an average aquarium for axolotl can cost up to $120.

Do Axolotls Bite?

Yes, they do bite. In fact, they bite anything that comes their way. But in actuality, axolotls are pretty harmless creatures. They’re not venomous, and their bites aren’t particularly strong.

Plus, most axolotls will only bite if they feel threatened or if they mistake your finger for a juicy piece of food.

So rest assured, unless you’re doing something to provoke an attack, an axolotl is unlikely to bite you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should take liberties with one.

Why Are Axolotls Not Good Pets?

There are a few reasons why axolotls might not make the best pets. For one, they’re susceptible to environmental changes and can get stressed quickly.

Additionally, they’re pretty delicate and can be easily injured. And lastly, they need special care and attention in order to stay healthy.

All these factors make them better suited for life in a lab or aquarium rather than as a household pet.

What Supplies Does Petco Sell for Axolotls?

Petco doesn’t sell axolotls, but it definitely sells its supplies. They offer things like food, supplements and some medicines.

Plus, the company also has other things like aquariums, filters, and thermometers. Now, you know you can buy anything from Petco related to axolotl.

The bottom line:

The bottom line here is that Petco is not in the business of axolotls. However, they sell related supplies, medicines, and other things.

Still, you can own an axolotl as a pet by contacting other stores and animal shelters. However, keep your state’s law of keeping an axolotl as your pet in your min.

So, clear your mind related to Petco services about axolotl? Happy to help!

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