Does Nordstrom Sell Skims? At What Locations?

Does Nordstrom Sell Skims

Are you looking forward to buying a Skim? Luckily, they are available at various stores.

You can get one and style it on an upcoming occasion. The only thing to consider is to opt for higher quality and affordable prices.

When it comes to these 2 factors, people think of Nordstrom. It is the go-to departmental store for clothing and beauty products. But does Nordstrom sell Skims? Here’s the truth!

Does Nordstrom Sell Skims?

Yes, Nordstrom does sell Skims. They have over 200 items in this category, and they sell short as well as long Skims. They are available in various sizes, from regular to plus.

A wide variety of dresses in this category are available at almost all locations. Plus, they are listed on the website too. Skims come with free shipping and returns from Nordstrom.

You will find robes, thongs, henleys, bralettes, boxers, pants, bodysuits, t-shirts, thigh shorts, tanks, pajamas, maxi dresses, and slipdresses in the Skims category at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Skims

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What Nordstrom Locations Sell Skims?

Almost every Nordstrom location sells Skims. We checked these products at several stores, and they all had them.

Skims are widely available at Nordstrom. That means you do not have to look for particular locations.

Although some stores may not have them, most of them do. Generally, Skims are unavailable at Nordstrom Racks.

As for stores, you will find Skims at nearly every location. But it is still a good idea to contact your nearest Nordstrom beforehand. It will give you a much clearer picture.

Where Are Skims Made?

 Skims are mostly manufactured in China. In fact, these dresses are more popular in China than anywhere else. So, you can say that the country popularized them. Most Skims are manufactured in China. And they have been for over 10 years.

That said, you will also find Skims manufactured in several other parts of the world. As mentioned earlier, most of them are made in China, although not all.

Who Owns Skims?

Skims is owned by none other than Kim Kardashian.

We also think it is another reason why these dresses are so popular. That’s because such a giant celebrity name is attached to them.

Kim Kardashian is also the co-founder of Skims. She, and Jens Grede, founded the apparel in 2019. Note that Kim is not the sole owner of Skims. The CEO of the company is Emma Grede.

However, Kardashian owns the majority stake in the company. It also became another reason for Kim to become a billionaire. 

Why Are Skims So Popular?

Skims are popular because the company is all about inclusivity. We found dress sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL.

Skims come in a wide range of varieties. The brand is all about accepting and embracing all body types. That is why they offer all sizes. Moreover, the company has various colors and types of dresses.

Another reason for the company’s popularity is the giant name attached to it. That is none other than Kim Kardashian.

She owns the majority stake in the company and has been promoting it for a long time. It is safe to say that Kardashian has a huge and dedicated fanbase, which makes the brand even more popular.

Are Skims Expensive?

Generally, it depends on the type and size of Skims. According to our research, their prices range from as low as $18 to $100.

Buying a bralette is obviously cheaper than a bodysuit or romper. The same can be said for Skims. Since they have so many types of dresses, it is hard to summarize their prices.

The company has some products aimed at the general audience. At the same time, many of their dresses are also luxurious, like maxi dresses. These ones can be quite expensive compared to others.

What Other Stores Sell Skims?

Besides Nordstrom, you can buy Skims at David Jones, Selfridges, NET-A-PORTER, and SSENSE.

 Additionally, you can also shop for Skims on It is the brand’s official e-commerce store. You can buy dresses with home delivery. Since it is the official store, it also has the widest variety you can find.

To Sum Up

Nordstrom has a broad range of items in the skim category. You can shop by category, color, size, style, etc.

All of these filters on the website help you narrow your search. Another benefit is that you can order Skims online via the Nordstrom website.

These dresses come with free home delivery, meaning no extra charges. They are available at various other stores. Make sure to check all of them to find the product you love!

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