Does Nordstrom Sell Furniture? (Locations, Types + ,More)

Nordstrom is a go-to place for many products. The store has a wide range of clothing and beauty items. But it is also very underrated for home products. You will find a good variety of lifestyle items at the store.

And that brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions about the store. Does Nordstrom sell furniture? Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Nordstrom Sell Furniture?

Does Nordstrom Sell Furniture

Yes, Nordstrom does sell furniture. Although it does not have the best variety, you will still find over 400 products in this category.

You can find these items at almost every location of Nordstrom. Furthermore, they are available for online shopping as well.

Nordstrom has a wide range of furniture products. However, they do not have large items, like beds. You will find chairs, sofas, and baby sets.

The Nordstrom website can help you find the item you are looking for. It allows you to narrow down your search based on product type, brand, material, color, and price. You can also look up if there is any ongoing sale.

What Nordstrom Locations Sell Furniture?

Furniture is available at almost all Nordstrom locations. We visited several stores and found these items everywhere. However, the variety can vary from store to store.

It is important to note that Nordstrom is also known for its home and lifestyle items. That is why it features furniture at all locations. But that does not mean all items are available at all Nordstrom stores.

You can use the Nordstrom store locator to find your nearest location. Then, you can contact that store to inquire about furniture availability. It will save you time and gas for the trip.

What Type of Furniture does Nordstrom Have?

Nordstrom has couches, chairs, bouncers, loungers, cushions, highchairs, activity chairs, travel cribs, and baby furniture items. We found most of its products are for infants and toddlers.

As mentioned earlier, Nordstrom does not carry large furniture items. They do not have beds or large sofa sets.

Additionally, Nordstrom does not carry a wide variety of products for adult furniture. Most of its furniture is aimed at kids and infants. You can also buy furniture sets at Nordstrom for kids.

Which items do they have for adults? Well, we found stools, teak tables, side tables, rattan chairs, chests, and nesting tables. In short, the store does not have many items in its Accent furniture category.

Does Furniture Go on Sale at Nordstrom?

Yes, furniture does go on sale at Nordstrom. We saw discounted prices and deals on home and lifestyle products.

Note that Nordstrom has fixed dates for sales. Its furniture is already available at affordable prices.

But these rates are subtracted even more during special occasions. You will find amazing deals and clearance on furniture and other home items.

The Nordstrom website also has a separate filter for items on sale. You can select it to view products with discounted prices. It also shows the discount percentage along with the product’s original price.

Does Nordstrom Sell Bedding?

Yes, Nordstrom does have a wide range of bedding products. Our favorites are the throw blankets and sheets available in various colors.

Nordstrom’s bedding category is full of aesthetically-pleasing products. You will find throw blankets, sheet sets, wearables, duvet covers, pillowcases, knit blankets, and more.

They also have quilt & shams sets. Many items in the bedding category are on sale as of April 2023. You will find up to 45% discount on the majority of products.

Nordstrom also features a comprehensive bedding guide. You can shop for products based on their materials. The most popular ones are cotton, linen, sateen, and percale.

Does Nordstrom Sell Mattresses?

Yes, mattresses are available at Nordstrom for sale. You can explore the 40 options currently in stock.

However, it is important to note that Nordstrom does not sell large mattresses. Most items in this category are for single beds. Their measurements are between 9.5 to 13 inches.

The store also sells mattress pads and protectors. These prolong the life of your mattresses. The store also carries mattresses for baby cribs. As you may expect, these are generally cheaper.

The brands available in this category include Casper, Allied Home, PARACHUTE, Tuft and Needle, Newton Baby, Uppababy, Sijo, Stokke, and HALO.

Does Nordstrom Sell Bed Sheets?

Yes, Nordstrom does sell bed sheets in most of its locations and online. We found these items under the category “Sheets, Pillow Cases & Bed Skirts.”

Nordstrom has several products in this category. They widely feature complete bed sheet sets.

These differ from each other due to their materials. You can buy percale, linen, sateen, and cotton sheet sets from Nordstrom.

Several brands are available in this category, like Dusen Dusen, BLISSY, Bed Voyage, Piglet in Bed, NIGHT, The CITIZENRY, Treasure & Bond, UGG, Morrow Soft Goods, & many more.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about furniture and other lifestyle products at Nordstrom. The popular store chain has almost everything one may need. But it does lack a few items.

For instance, people would appreciate it if the store stocked beds and large sofa sets. These are also essentials in the modern lifestyle.

Other than that, Nordstrom is a very convenient place to shop for furniture. You can visit a location or order the desired item online from the comfort of your home. And receive it at your doorstep!

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