Does McDonald’s Take Cash? (FAQs + More)

Does McDonald's Take Cash

Cash is the payment method that has been around for the longest time. It is the original payment option before cards, and contactless methods were a thing.

However, its popularity has been declining since the rise of other options. Today, many diners do not accept it.

And that leads to one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s. It accepts tons of payment methods, making it a convenient place.

Does McDonald’s Take Cash?

Yes, McDonald’s does take cash as of 2022. Although some changes were made, this payment method is still acceptable.

A major change was made recently in 2022. McDonald’s wanted to upgrade its checkout desk. Their goal was to serve orders quicker so there would be a smaller crowd.

The popular diner chain started its waiting area. Now, cash is still acceptable at McDonald’s, but there is a separate counter for that.

You can not pay cash at the same machine as other payment methods. The cash counter is responsible for accepting this option.

Can You Pay With Cash at a McDonald’s Kiosk?

Generally, most McDonald’s kiosks do not accept cash.

It depends entirely on where you live. The availability of cash as a payment option can vary from location to location.

Currently, most kiosks are not accepting cash. Some of them do, but they are running it in a testing phase.

If you want to pay with cash at a McDonald’s kiosk, you can still do so. However, you have to pay at the counter.

Does McDonald’s take cash on delivery?

Yes, McDonald’s does accept cash on delivery.

Cash as a payment method is available for McDelivery in almost all countries. Moreover, McDonald’s also partners with third-party services for delivery.

That includes Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. Hence, the availability of cash can differ. It is a good idea to call first and inquire about this matter beforehand.

Can You Order McDonald’s With Cash App?

Yes, you can place an order at McDonald’s with the Cash app.

However, you will need to set up your account on the Cash app. You can do so by linking your bank account or a credit card. Once that’s all done, you can connect it to McDonald’s.

The best part is that there are no additional charges when ordering with the Cash app at McDonald’s. You only have to pay the order’s original amount, and you are good to go.

Does McDonald’s Drive-Thru Take Cash?

Most McDonald’s drive-thrus do not take cash in 2022. They have upgraded their POS systems to cards and contactless payment options.

It is important to note that some McDonald’s drive-thrus may still accept cash. In fact, this is the only payment option in some countries.

Most locations do not take it in the US, UK, or Canada. Drive-thrus only allow credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc.

It is always a good idea to inquire beforehand. You can contact your nearest McDonald’s drive-thru and ask whether they take cash or not.

Can I Get a Refund From McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s can offer you a refund if you provide an understandable reason.

McDonald’s does not have a refund policy. However, they can still do it as a courtesy.

Customers have to contact or return the food to the diner they bought it from. Note that you can not request a refund from another location.

There could be various reasons to ask for a refund from McDonald’s. For instance, the food is unsatisfactory, or you have received the wrong item. Presenting a valid reason can get you a refund from McDonald’s.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide. Let’s go back to our original question. Does McDonald’s take cash? Yes, it does.

The popular chain has not discarded cash from its list of accepted payment options as of October 2022. And it will continue to take this payment method in the near future. 

So, you can use cash at McDonald’s without any convenience. Despite all the rumors, this payment method is widely accepted in all countries. You can also use it when ordering your meal online from the app for delivery.

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