Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal in 2023?

Does McDonald's Sell Oatmeal

Oatmeal is many people’s favorite breakfast. It is delicious and healthy. But, making oatmeal at home is a real challenge.

Finding all the quality fruits and ingredients is difficult. Many of the biggest stores might not have what you need to make your favorite oatmeal.

But what if you can buy prepared oatmeal at affordable prices? You may have come across McDonald’s breakfast menu.

But does McDonald’s sell oatmeal? Here’s the answer!

Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal?

Yes, Mcdonald’s does sell oatmeal. It is healthy as McDonald’s does not use added flavors.

Additionally, McDonald’s oatmeal is made of fresh fruits and whole grains. Note that McDonald’s does not sell plain oatmeal. Instead, they sell fruit and maple oatmeal.

McDonald's Oatmeal

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What Are McDonald’s Oatmeal Ingredients?

The popular fruit and maple oatmeal from McDonald’s is made of brown sugar, natural flavors, fruits, whole grain rolled oats, caramel color, modified food starch, and Barley malt extract.

McDonald’s also adds light cream with a cranberry raisin blend. As for fruits, you will find diced apples and bananas in McDonald’s oatmeal.

Some McDonald’s Oatmeal Nutrition Facts:

Here are some interesting nutrition facts about McDonald’s oatmeal:

  • One serving contains 6g of protein.
  • McDonald’s oatmeal packs a total of 64 carbs.
  • You will find one oatmeal serving to be rich as it has 320 calories.
  • It contains 4g of dietary fiber, 1.5g of saturated fat, and 4.5g of total fat.
  • McDonald’s oatmeal is not recommended for non-dairy consumers as it contains milk as well as light cream.

Is McDonald’s Oatmeal Healthy?

Yes, McDonald’s oatmeal is a good option for your dietary plan. It is healthy, made with fresh fruits and premium whole grains oats.

However, you can make it healthier. When ordering oatmeal at McDonald’s, ask them not to put the brown sugar.

Surprisingly, this single ingredient can make the oatmeal 30 calories heavier.

Does McDonald’s Oatmeal Have Gluten?

Yes, McDonald’s oatmeal does have gluten.

It is very healthy and beloved by many people. Still, it is not gluten-free, even though McDonald’s does not add artificial flavors.

How Much is Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

The popular McDonald’s oatmeal is only available in one size for $1.99.

You can, however, make some adjustments to the ingredients. For instance, many people prefer to skip brown sugar.

But fruit and maple oatmeal is the only flavor available at McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal All Day?

No, McDonald’s only serves oatmeal during its breakfast hours.

Many items on the breakfast menu are only served in the morning. However, some locations may sell oatmeal all day.

What Time Do They Stop Selling Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s stops selling oatmeal at 10:30 AM.

The popular fruit and maple oatmeal is part of the McDonald’s only breakfast menu.

Other items on this menu are Egg White Delight McMuffin, Big Breakfast, and Steak Egg & Cheese Biscuit.

What Does McDonald’s Use in Their Oatmeal?

McDonald’s uses diced apples, light cream, brown sugar, whole grain oats, and diced apples in their Fruit and Maple oatmeal.

Many people ask about how McDonald’s oatmeal is healthy. Well, because McDonald’s does not use any artificial flavors.

They also use Barley malt extract and caramel color in their oatmeal. Note that the light cream used in McDonald’s oatmeal is not dairy-free.

How Much Sugar is in the Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Fruit and Maple oatmeal contains 31 grams of sugar. That is almost the same as eight packets of white sugar.

Additionally, one serving of McDonald’s oatmeal has 4.5 grams of fat. However, most McDonald’s locations allow you to skip brown sugar. It makes up 30 calories.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about McDonald’s beloved Fruit and Maple oatmeal. Is it tasty? Yes! Is it healthy? Absolutely. But can it be healthier? Also, yes.

Some ingredients can be skipped to make the oatmeal better. However, they are only added to elevate the taste. You can leave those ingredients in your order. The prime example is brown sugar.

Additionally, it is convenient to order McDonald’s oatmeal. You do not have to worry about buying all the ingredients. The taste is excellent.

Also, you can place your order via the McDonald’s website. Considering its benefits, Fruit and Maple oatmeal can become an active part of your diet.

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