Does McDonald’s Sell Fries? (Serve Time + More)

Fries are everyone’s favorites. Nobody ever says no to fresh french fries.

With so many fast-food restaurants available, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Not all of them have the high quality you would expect.

In fast-food chains and restaurants, McDonald’s is easily one of the most popular names.

They have a variety of burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, breakfast items, and desserts. But does McDonald’s sell fries?

Let’s find out the answer!

Does McDonald’s Sell Fries?

Yes, McDonald’s does sell fries. Their french fries are actually quite popular. They are available on the menu as World Famous Fries.

McDonald’s fries come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. They contain 230, 320, and 480 calories, respectively.

Other than that, they also sell a pack for kids. It contains 110 calories, making it ideal for little ones.

Does McDonald's Sell Fries

Does McDonald’s Give Free Refills on Fries?

Sadly, McDonald’s does not give free refills on french fries. It is not part of the policy in all McDonald’s locations.

Many people say that McDonald’s does give free fries refills. And it is part of their secret menu. However, that is only a myth. You will have to buy another fries pack from the restaurant.

Does McDonald’s Serve Fries in the Morning?

No, McDonald’s does not serve fries in the morning

The restaurant serves its breakfast menu in the morning. It goes up until 10:30 AM. After that, McDonald’s sells regular items, including fries, non-breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and nuggets.

When Does McDonald’s Sell Fries?

McDonald’s serves fries in its regular store time after 10:30 AM. Fries are part of the lunch menu, which is served all day after breakfast menu.

Some McDonald’s locations run 24 hours. Hence, french fries are also served all day in those diners.

Note that the timing of breakfast and lunch menus differs from country to country. In the US, lunch starts after 10:30 AM and is served till the location is closed.

Does McDonald’s Serve Fries All Day?

Yes, you can buy french fries all day, but after 10:30 AM. Once the breakfast menu is closed, fries and other lunch items are served all day at McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Have Free Fries on Friday?

Yes, McDonald’s has a Free Fries Friday. On every mobile order, you will get free medium fries.

Note that the order should be minimum of $1. Additionally, this offer is only available with mobile orders.

Hence, you can not avail of Free Fries Friday in McDonald’s dinners or drive-thru.

What is the Holding Time for McDonald’s Fries?

The fries are held in warming cabinets for a maximum of 5 – 7 minutes at McDonald’s.

Why are they kept in warming cabinets? Well, it helps french fries to maintain their freshness and warmth. That is why you will always get fresh french fries from McDonald’s.

Fries aren’t the only item kept in warming cabinets. McDonald’s stopped using frozen patties.

Instead, they make patties in the kitchen and keep the pre-cooked patties in the warming cabinets to maintain freshness.


McDonald’s is known for its french fries. And for good reasons. They have quality fries that come in several sizes. You can also buy them for your kids to give them a happy meal.

You will find their fries to be the perfect appetizer. Eat them with their fresh beef & chicken burgers, sandwiches, nuggets, and fried chicken pieces to elevate your experience.

Buying fries from McDonald’s is also very convenient. You can order from the website, and the chances are that you have at least one diner or drive-thru of the popular fast-food chain nearby.

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