Does Mcdonald’s Sell Cake? (Cost, Secret Menu, FAQs)

Cakes elevate the experience of any occasion. A cake can be the perfect dessert, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or corporate meeting. However, people often wonder where to buy fresh and premium-quality cakes.

A TikTok video went viral about buying a cake from a McDonald’s. Your first thought would be, wait, does McDonald’s sell cakes? Let’s unfold the mystery!

Does Mcdonald’s Sell Cake?

Surprisingly, yes! McDonald’s does sell cakes in most of its locations. However, it is a secret item and might not be listed on the regular menu.

As mentioned earlier, the viral TikTok was the main source for people finding out that McDonald’s sells cakes too.

In the video, the user Kayleight Weeks bought a chocolate cake from McDonald’s drive-thru.

Does Mcdonald's Sell Cake

What is the Cake Menu at Mcdonald’s?

There is no cake menu at McDonald’s. However, some cakes are available on the regular menu, such as Tiramisu cake and Hotcakes.

Chocolate and other cakes are not available on the menu for 2 reasons. Firstly, not every McDonald’s location might keep these items.

Thus, you will only find them in selected locations.

Does Mcdonald’s Sell Birthday Cake?

Yes, McDonald’s does sell birthday cakes. However, it is a part of its secret menu, meaning cakes are not listed on the regular McDonald’s menu.

How to order a birthday cake? Well, simply ask for it on the counter or drive-thru.

Note that birthday cakes might not be available at all McDonald’s locations. You can contact and ask your nearest location beforehand.

Some Other Queries Related to McDonald’s:

What’s in Mcdonald’s Secret Menu Birthday Cake?

The birthday cake is made of chocolate with vanilla icing layers. The entire cake is covered with the picture of Ronald McDonald on the front.

In short, it is a chocolate and vanilla icing cake. You can buy it from some McDonald’s locations for only $9. The cake also has floral decorations on the borders to give it that ‘celebratory’ vibe.

Does Mcdonald’s Sell Chocolate Cake?

Yes, the birthday cake at McDonald’s is made of chocolate.

It has a chocolate interior. However, it is layered with vanilla icing. You can buy it at most McDonald’s locations for $9.

Does Mcdonald’s Sell Ice Cream Cake?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not sell ice cream cakes.

That said, you can buy Brownie Sundae, Double Chocolate Pie, Muffins, and Bagels in various flavors.

You can read the following blogs to learn if 711 sells Ice cream or whether Albertsons sell Ice Cream Cakes.

Does Mcdonald’s Sell Cheesecake?

McDonald’s has a variety of cheesecake products. That includes cheesecake choco dip, chocolate sundae, and strawberry sundae.

Additionally, McDonald’s also sells cheesecake cones in 2 flavors, including cheesecake & vanilla and regular cheesecake cones.

McDonald’s also had chocolate pie and salted caramel pies in its desserts.


And that brings us to the end of this guide on McDonald’s and cakes. In short, the popular fast-food chain sells cakes in many locations.

You can buy a birthday cake from McDonald’s and celebrate the occasion there.

You can order popular burgers, fries, and whatnot for food. There are many dessert items, including ice cream, brownies, brownie sundaes, pies, etc.

However, you will not find many cakes at McDonald’s. As of yet, they only have the signature tiramisu and chocolate birthday cakes available.

But, don’t worry, you can use their birthday cakes for many occasions. It fits well with any celebratory event as the design on the cake is a Ronald McDonald’s celebration!

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