Does McDonald’s Sell Bottled Water?

Does McDonald's Sell Bottled Water

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most popular fast food restaurants, but does it sell bottled water?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at McDonald’s bottled water.

Plus, we’ll also see whether they charge for water or not. So, if you’re a loyal McDonald’s customer or just curious about their bottled water, read on for more information.

Does McDonald’s Sell Bottled Water?

Yes, McDonald’s does sell bottled water.

They have several different types of bottled water that you can choose from, but right now, they are only serving Dasani.

So if you’re looking for something to drink while you’re there, check out their bottled water selection.

Does McDonald’s Charge for Water?

No, McDonald’s does not charge for water. But, it varies from store to store.

You can get a free cup of water of any size at the counter.

However, if you want bottled water, then you will have to pay for it. But overall, water is free at McDonald’s.

On top of that, if you ask for more water, you may have to pay. Still, it totally depends on the branch. You can ask the restaurant for more details.

Does McDonald’s Give Free Water?

Yes, McDonald’s does give out free water cups to customers. However, there are a few caveats to this policy.

First, free water service depends totally on the individual restaurants so they may charge for it.

Secondly, you can only get a glass of any size for free. To get a full-size bottle, you may have to pay. Lastly, some branches have started charging for water.

A few stores may only give water to someone who buys something from them first. Therefore, it’s better to check with your nearest McDonald’s to know more.

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How Much is Water From McDonald’s?

The average price for Dasani bottled water at McDonald’s is somewhat between $1 to $3.

A cup of water is free at most branches, but refills are not. You may have to pay 25 to 50 cents for a refill, depending on the size of the cup.

However, there are no regulations on the pricing of bottled water. Therefore, the rates may vary from area to area.

Does McDonald’s Sell Vitamin Water?

Yes, McDonald’s sells Vitamin Water. You can find it in the restaurant’s drink coolers.

It comes under the name tag of Vitamin Water XXX Zero and has zero calories.


Okay, here is the summary. The straight answer is yes. McDonald’s definitely serves water for free of cost.

They can give you water for free in any size of cup. However, the charging policy varies from area to area. Finally, they also offer vitamin water if anyone is looking for it.

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