Does McDonald’s Have Jalapenos? All FAQs Answered

For some, McDonald’s is a go-to spot for a quick and easy meal.

But what about those with hankering for something spicy? Yeah, I’m talking about Jalapenos and spicy McChickens.

So, does McDonald’s have Jalapenos? Surprisingly, the answer is not as simple as you think.

Let’s look at how to find them and what to expect from this fiery side item.

Does McDonald's Have Jalapenos

Does McDonald’s Have Jalapenos?

Yes, jalapenos are present there, but they are discontinuing their sales. For now, you can only find jalapenos burgers at selected McDonald’s locations,

Try using their app if you cannot find the burger on their menu. At some locations, they do offer it through their mobile application. 

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Does McDonald’s Still Sell Jalapeno Doubles?

Yes, McDonald’s still sells Jalapeno Doubles.

They’re a bit of a rarity these days, but if you know where to look, you can still find them.  For example, they are still on sale in Serbia and Canada.

Jalapeno doubles are definitely worth trying if you haven’t had them before. The jalapeno flavor is strong but delicious.

McDonald's Jalapeno Double

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How Much is a Jalapeno Burger at McDonald’s?

You can get a jalapeno burger at McDonald’s for $4.79.

Depending on location and market conditions, this price may change in the future.

What Was on the Jalapeno McChicken?

The Jalapeno McChicken sandwich contains a seasoned white meat chicken filet, jalapeno pepper slices, lettuce, and mayonnaise on a toasted bun.

The ingredients in the chicken filet include yellow corn flour, wheat flour, enzymes, modified potato starch, and salt.

The mayonnaise comes with eggs and oil with some added sugar and vinegar.

When Was the Spicy McChicken Discontinued?

The Spicy McChicken was discontinued in the United States in 2005, although it is still available in some international markets.

The sandwich was brought back as a limited-time offering in some US markets in 2013 and 2014.

However, the company didn’t mention that they have plans to bring it back permanently at this time.

Why Was the Spicy McChicken Discontinued?

The company discontinued McChicken because of several reasons:

McDonald’s dropped it because of low revenue. Plus, the customers were complaining more and more about its chicken taste, thus decreasing its sales.

While many fans certainly missed the spicy McChicken, McDonald’s has since introduced other spicy menu items.

You can enjoy new crispy chicken sandwiches that satisfy your cravings.

Bottom Line:

In the fast food world, spice fans may find their quest for that extra kick slightly elusive, especially if their heart is set on the Spicy McChicken or a Jalapeno burger from McDonald’s.

Even though these items have been discontinued in some regions, it’s worth keeping an eye out as McDonald’s has a reputation for reviving fan favorites and introducing new spicy alternatives.

In some select locations like Canada or Serbia, you might find your spicy cravings fulfilled with a Jalapeno Double.

Meanwhile, you can still find other spicy offerings on the menu, proving that McDonald’s hasn’t forgotten its heat-seeking customers.

Keep checking your McDonald’s app for updates; you might just stumble upon your next spicy favorite!

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