Does McDonald’s Have Chicken Tenders in 2023?

Does McDonald's Have Chicken Tenders

Fried chicken in any form is a treat to behold. People love to eat burgers with crispy chicken pieces. However, eating it when it is fried on its own is another whole dish.

You might have come across chicken tenders. Crispy and soft on the inside, this is one item every chicken lover should try.

McDonald’s was quite popular for its chicken tenders. However, there was much news that it was discontinued and continued back. So, does McDonald’s have chicken tenders or not? Let’s dig in!

Does McDonald’s Have Chicken Tenders?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s discontinued its beloved crispy chicken tenders in 2020. Many other items were also taken out for several reasons.

McDonald’s was well-known for its chicken tenders. They were crispy and very delicious, as reviewed by most people. Then, what led to their discontinuation?

They were removed from the menu in 2020, allowing McDonald’s to sustain itself with a shorter menu.

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Why Did McDonald’s Stop Selling Chicken Tenders?

The main reason for discontinuing chicken tenders at McDonald’s was to simplify the menu and focus on popular choices, as stated by Bill Garret, McDonald’s vice president of operations.

If you ask a person who has eaten chicken tenders at McDonald’s, they would only have good things to say about it.

They were quite popular, but the fast-food chain wanted to focus on other, more famous items.

Therefore, salads, grilled sandwiches, and crispy chicken tenders were discontinued from McDonald’s.

Chicken Tenders at McDonald's

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Will Chicken Tenders Be Back in McDonald’s?

According to McDonald’s, the change in the menu was ‘temporary.’ So, people only hope that chicken tenders will return to the menu.

The change was made in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time, McDonald’s removed some items to meet its costs. However, none of the removed items have reappeared.

Will the chicken tenders come back? That’s a question we have yet to see.

Is There a Chicken Tender Shortage?

Yes, chicken tenders are facing a shortage due to illegal price fixing. Another reason is the labor shortage.

That is why the prices of chicken tenders are increasing exponentially. And many well-known restaurants have stopped keeping this item, including McDonald’s.

As of December 2021, chicken tenders were even sold for $3.99. And that’s saying a lot about its shortage.

Are Chicken Tenders Expensive?

Recently, the prices of chicken tenders have gone up rapidly. In only one week, we saw growth from $3.44 to $3.54 for breast tenderness.

This change was observed widely in 2021. During this time, the prices were increasing every week for chicken tenders.

Even before that, chicken tenders were comparatively more expensive than other food items. That’s because they are made of pure white meat. Thus, the main weight is boneless chicken.

Final Words

We have to break the news to you that, unfortunately, McDonald’s does not have chicken tenders anymore.

While it was a fan-favorite item, it was getting difficult for the popular fast-food chain to keep up with its increasing prices.

McDonald’s had to sustain itself during the global pandemic. Thus, removing this item to save costs was the only option.

But that doesn’t mean you will never see chicken tenders on the McDonald’s menu again. It is possible that it would come back, considering its popularity.

And, as stated by McDonald’s, the change was only temporary. So, keep your finger crossed and your hopes high!

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