Does McDonald’s Have Bagels? All You Need to Know!

Does McDonald's Sell Bagels

Bagels are always a great idea. They are sweet, delicious, and perfect for breakfast. Even better, they come in a variety of flowers. Therefore, there’s a bagel for everyone.

But which place sells fresh and quality bagels? In most places, you will find packaged bagels. They are generally in stock for a few days.

However, their freshness does not remain the same. Many people go to McDonald’s to buy bagels. So, does McDonald’s have bagels? If so, then which ones? Let’s find out!

Does McDonald’s Have Bagels?

McDonald’s serves bagels, and it is one of the most popular breakfast items at McDonald’s. Although discontinued, they were brought back on the menu in 2022.

The announcement was made by McDonald’s on its official Facebook page. Additionally, many other sources covered the news of bagels and McWrap returning to the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

McDonald's Bagel

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Why Did McDonald’s Stop Selling the Bagels?

McDonald’s stopped selling bagels, breakfast wraps, and many other items to limit its menu during the covid-19 pandemic.

As mentioned by McDonald’s, it was getting harder for the fast-food chain to continue with its large menu.

The sales were not meeting the costs. Hence, McDonald’s took off some items from its menu. However, some of these items are slowly making a comeback.

Does McDonald’s Still Have Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel?

Sadly, McDonald’s no longer serves steak, egg, and cheese bagels.

Although it is still mentioned on the website, you’ll have difficulty finding any McDonald’s location. Many other breakfast items, such as wraps, were removed from the menu with bagels.

When is McDonald’s Getting Bagels Back?

McDonald’s announced its bagel is coming back. However, not all locations have started serving yet.

As covered by Fox 8 News, McDonald’s is returning its bagels sometime soon. It was due to a petition that crossed over 20,000 people.

You might be surprised to know that Twitter accounts are campaigning to bring back the McDonald’s steak, egg, and cheese bagel.

Is the McDonald’s Steak Bagel Back?

McDonald’s officially announced that the steak bagel would return to the menu after July 2022.

You can also see it on McDonald’s official website. Therefore, you will find it in many McDonald’s locations as of 2023.

It is best to contact your nearest McDonald’s to ask whether they have the steak bagel.

Final Words

McDonald’s is widely known for its steak, egg, and cheese bagels. Sadly, the beloved item was dropped off the menu in 2020.

While many people were upset, it was a wise decision for McDonald’s to sustain itself during difficult times. However, it was brought back thanks to the popular social media campaign.

Now, many McDonald’s locations are serving bagels. You will find your favorite steak and cheesecake bagels.

The best part about McDonald’s is that you can order them online from the website. If that’s not feasible, almost everybody has a McDonald’s nearby. Hence, it is always convenient.

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