Does Lowe’s Take PayPal in 2023? How To Use It?

Does Lowes Take PayPal

PayPal is one of the most well-known payment methods. Not only is it accepted for online shopping, but also for in-store purchases.

You will find it being used at almost every major retailer. Lowe’s is one of the biggest home improvement stores.

But that brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions about the store. Does Lowe’s take PayPal? Here’s all you need to know about this subject!

Does Lowe’s Take PayPal?

Yes, Lowe’s does take PayPal as a payment method as of 2023. However, it is only accepted for online purchases.

Lowe’s understands the popularity of PayPal. That is why it accepts this payment method. However, the store has different payment options for online and in-store purchases. And PayPal falls into the latter category. It is only accepted online at Lowe’s.

That means you can not use it at any of their physical stores. Another thing to consider is that your order should be more than $10 to use PayPal.

Another similar payment option accepted at the home improvement store is Klarna. Apart from Lowe’s, you may also like to know if Costco accepts PayPal or whether Target takes PayPal.

Can You Use PayPal in-store at Lowe’s?

Unfortunately, you can only use PayPal for online purchases. We visited several of their locations and did not find this payment method anywhere.

Note that PayPal’s availability at Lowe’s is quite limited. It can only be used for online shopping. The payment method does not work at any location. You can select it during checkout.

How to use PayPal at Lowe's

How to Use PayPal at Lowe’s?

You can use PayPal at Lowe’s online store by selecting it as the payment method during checkout.

We found paying with PayPal on Lowe’s online store very easy. It works like every other payment option. Here’s how to use it:

  • Shop for items as usual on Lowe’s official website.
  • Go to the checkout page.
  • Tap on “Alternative Payment Choices.”
  • Select PayPal and enter the required information.
  • Lastly, confirm payment.

Once the payment is made, you will be redirected to a confirmation screen. You can use this method to pay with most payment options.

Does Lowe’s Take PayPal Credit?

You can not use PayPal credit to pay at Lowe’s stores or online. But we did find some alternative ways, including gift cards and vouchers.

PayPal Credit is a convenient way to pay for your purchases. It was known as “Bill Me Later.”

Unfortunately, it is not available at Lowe’s. But there are some indirect methods. You can use the credit to buy an e-gift card or voucher at Lowe’s.

Once you have the gift card, you can use it as a payment method at Lowe’s. E-gift cards and digital vouchers also work in online shopping.

Can I Use PayPal on the Lowe’s Website?

Yes, PayPal can be used as a payment method on Lowe’s website. We used it multiple times, and it worked flawlessly.

Lowe’s website allows several payment methods that the stores do not. These are strictly limited to online shopping. One of these options is PayPal.

It can be used on the website for online purchases. And the good part is that there are no limitations. You can buy everything listed on the website using PayPal.

Why Use PayPal in Lowe’s?

The biggest reason to use PayPal in Lowe’s is its top-notch security and ease of use.

PayPal can be used in Lowe’s as a payment method for online purchases. That means it can help you shop for items from the comfort of your home. The store also allows the use of PayPal credit via indirect means.

Can I Get Cashback From Lowe’s After Using PayPal?

Yes, you can get up to 5% cashback as a limited offer with PayPal at Lowe’s. We also found many other promos and coupons with this payment option.

PayPal is accepted as a payment method and comes with some benefits. You can view PayPal’s website to explore all the coupons and promos. You will find offers ranging from 30% to 50% discount.

Additionally, PayPal also offers cashback rewards in most stores. It keeps updating eligible retailers, so it is best to stay notified.

You can view all the available cashback and promos on the PayPal website and mobile application.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about PayPal at Lowe’s. While it is not accepted in-store, you can still use it for online purchases. The store allows the use of this payment method via different means.

PayPal also comes with some benefits at Lowe’s. That includes the convenience of online shopping, robust security, and cashback rewards.

If you stay updated, you can also get PayPal’s coupons and promos. These can be used at most retailers for a considerable discount. Pretty good, right?

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