Does Lowes Sell Valspar Paints?

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Does Lowes Sell Valspar Paints

It’s no secret that Lowe’s Home Improvement is a one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs.

But does Lowes sell Valspar paint? How good are they?

Let’s find out the answer to these and other relevant questions below.

Does Lowes Sell Valspar Paint?

Yes, Lowes sells a good range of Valspar paints.

They offer the following categories at Lowes:

  • Exterior paint
  • Interior Paint
  • Exterior Stains & Floor Coatings
  • Specialty & Commercial Paint and many more

You’ll be able to find the perfect shade for your needs, whether it’s for a home project or a professional application.

The prices are also very competitive. So you can save money while still getting a high-quality product.

Is Valspar Only at Lowes?

Yes, Valspar is exclusively available only at Lowes stores. It is also sold via third-party retailers.

In fact, Valspar is the only paint brand that Lowes produces in-house.

This means you can always count on getting the possible price for their paint.

What is the Average Cost of Valspar Paint?

A gallon of Valspar paint typically costs around $15-$50.

However, the average cost of Valspar paint varies depending on various factors.

Here is a price comparison of a few of the top Valspar paints:

  • Valspar 2000 interior paint + primer: The base price starts at $23
  • Valspar 4000 semi-gloss interior paint: The base price starts at $25
  • Valspar signature satin base C paint + primer: The base price starts at $44

Is Valspar Paint Good?

Yes, Valspar is good paint. It has a wide range of colors and finishes and is affordable.

Plus, Valspar paint is easy to apply and doesn’t require much prep work. However, it has a few drawbacks.

First, the paint can sometimes streak or peel, mainly if you apply it over a glossy or improperly cleaned surface.

Second, Valspar paint takes a long time to dry (usually 24 hours). Finally, it is not always as durable as other brands of paint.

So, it comes to a personal experience deciding which brand of paint is good.

Is Valspar Paint Latex?

Yes, Valspar offers latex paint.

For example, VALSPAR® PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR PAINT is 100% latex-based paint.


Is Valspar Paint Water-Based Or Oil Based?

Valspar offers both water and oil-based paints.

Here is a brief list of oil-based Valspar paints:

  • Valspar 4000 Pastel Enamel Tintable Interior Paint
  • Valspar 4000 Semi-gloss White Enamel Oil-based Paint
  • Valspar 4000 Satin White Enamel Oil-based Interior Paint and others

Similarly, these are the water-based Valspar paints:

  • Valspar Pro Interior Pva Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer
  • Valspar Interior High Hiding Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer
  • Valspar Interior Multi-Purpose Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer
  • Valspar Exterior Multi-Purpose Water-Based Primer and more

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Is Valspar Paint Toxic?

No, Valspar Paint is not toxic.

Despite being affordable paint, it is safe for the human body. It’s made with non-toxic ingredients and doesn’t release harmful fumes or odors.

Some people might consider Valspar paint toxic due to its intense smell. But it is due to its high volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

While these chemicals can irritate some people, they’re not harmful.

Is Valspar Paint Washable?

Yes, Valspar paint is washable.

In fact, it’s water resistant, so you can even clean it with a wet cloth.

Plus, it dries quickly and doesn’t require harsh chemicals or solvents for application. So it’s environmentally friendly and safe for your family.

The TL;DR:

The summary of the guideline is that Lowes carries Valspar. In fact, it is exclusive to Lowes and is present in a good variety there. They sell almost every kind of paint.

Moreover, Valspar paint is non-toxic and washable. It is also of good quality and is available as both water-based and oil-based

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