Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee in 2023? No!

Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Tools

Does Lowe’s sell Milwaukee? You may be wondering if the home improvement store is selling Milwaukee tools along with their power tools and lawnmowers. We can answer you.

Lowe’s is a brand that is exceptionally rich in various tools, including appliances, furniture, pools, and paints. On top of that, they have pretty good discounts on all of that.

But does Lowe’s sell Milwaukee? What are the reasons for not selling them?

Stay with me to know the answers.

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee?

No, Milwaukee is not currently sold at Lowe’s. However, you can find several other great options for tools and hardware at your local Lowe’s store.

If you’re looking for Milwaukee specifically, there are a number of other retailers that sell the brand’s products.

So while Lowe’s may not have Milwaukee currently, plenty of other great options are available.

Why Is Milwaukee Not Sold at Lowe’s?

There’re a few reasons why you won’t find Milwaukee products at Lowe’s.

First, Lowe’s and Milwaukee have had a dispute since 2008. They both had a contract in 2006 to sell the products of Milwaukee at Lowe’s for two years.

But after the end of the period, Lowe’s didn’t renew its license and continued selling its products.

Now, they owe Milwaukee almost $1.2 million. Lowe’s didn’t pay the amount, and they can’t sell the products directly.

Second, Milwaukee is a professional-grade tool company that sells its products through authorized dealerships. Lowe’s is not an authorized dealer for Milwaukee products.

What Tools Brands Does Lowe’s Sell Other Than Milwaukee?

Lowe’s is a hardware store and, as such, sells a variety of tools.

Excluding Milwaukee, they sell many brands, including:

  • Flex
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Craftsman
  • Kobalt

So, basically, if you need a tool and don’t have a specific brand in mind, Lowe’s is likely to have what you’re looking for.

Can You Buy Direct From Milwaukee?

No, you can’t buy directly from Milwaukee. Even if you go to their website, they will divert you to other sellers with their products.

So, if you are looking to buy any tool from Milwaukee, you can contact the following:

  • ACME Tools
  • Home Depot
  • Tool Up
  • Tool Nut
  • Tools Plus

Does Milwaukee Have an Outlet Store?

No, Milwaukee doesn’t have any outlet or any brick-and-mortar place.

However, you can buy products from their affiliated stores. For example, one such store is Fabrica.Top

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Batteries?

No, Lowe’s did not sell Milwaukee batteries. Lowe’s only sells batteries from brands like Duracell, Power, and Energizer.

Are Milwaukee Tools Made in China?

Nope, Milwaukee tools are not made in China. In fact, they’re actually made in the USA.

The thing is that Milwaukee Tools come under the subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, which is a China-based company.

However, all the products are made in their manufacturing units in the USA. Plus, you might be able to find some counterfeits out there that are made in China, so be careful.

Are Ryobi and Milwaukee the Same?

No, Ryobi and Milwaukee are not the same. Although the same manufacturing company owns both companies, they have different customer niches.

Milwaukee makes high-quality power tools and batteries, while Ryobi makes lower-quality versions of both. Lowe’s sells Ryobi products, but not Milwaukee.

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The last few words related to Milwaukee are that it is a brand that sells various tools. Their products include mechanic hands, knives, pliers, nut drivers, hammers, etc.

Additionally, you can’t buy any products directly from Milwaukee; however, many stores sell their tools.

Plus, you won’t find any of their product on Lowe’s as they are on bad terms with them.

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