Does Lowe’s Sell Firewood in 2023? All FAQs Answered

What’s worse, losing your phone charger or running out of firewood in winter? Of course, the latter one.

Firewood is supposed to keep you warm and cozy during cold weather. But what if there are none available?

The first response would be to go to the nearest store that sells such products. In that case, Lowe’s might be the first option that comes to mind.

Does Lowes Sell Firewood

Does Lowe’s Sell Firewood?

Yes, Lowe’s does sell firewood. Currently, there are 10 various products available in this category.

Most Lowe’s firewood products can also be delivered. However, the shipment option is eligible for orders above $50. You can buy 0.65 cu. Ft., 0.75 cu. Ft., and 1 cu. Ft. firewood from Lowe’s stores and online.

How Long Does a Bundle of Firewood Last?

One bundle of firewood can last up to 2 hours. However, it depends on the brand and pieces of firewood in the bundle. Some might even last up to 3 hours, while others won’t survive 60 minutes.

Does Lowe’s Sell Firewood Year-Round?

Yes, Lowe’s sells firewood all year, and you can buy a variety of firewood. But, the variety gets broader during the winter months.

Thus, you will find more options during October, November, December, and January. With that said, you can buy firewood from Lowe’s any time of the year.

Firewood at Lowe's

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Is Firewood Cheaper in Summer?

Yes, you will find many discount offers and exclusive deals on firewood during summer. Firewood prices in retail stores are significantly lower in summer than in winter.

Since summer demand is generally lower, people stock up on firewood. It helps save money in winter.

Where Can I Find Local Firewood?

You can contact local firewood suppliers and buy from them. If there are woods near your house, you can find firewood for free.

Usually, rain leaves a large amount of firewood that people pick up. Construction sites also have a lot available.

Additionally, you can visit nearby stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

What Is the Best Wood for a Fireplace?

Generally, hardwood is ideal for a fireplace. You can go for oak, birch, ash, and maple as they best burn.

If that’s not feasible, fruit tree wood is also optimal for a fireplace. They offer a long burn time with the hottest fire you can expect.

Does Lowe’s Sell Untreated Wood?

Yes, you can buy untreated wood from Lowe’s stores. Mostly, they are available as sliding panels in building supplies.

As of yet, untreated wood is available in 120 and 168 inches. Although you can select them for pick up, they are unavailable for delivery.

Does Lowe’s Sell Untreated Wood

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It is safe to conclude that Lowe’s has all the wood you need. You can buy firewood now and stock up for winter. Most options are available for $7.98.

However, these prices can go as high as $9 during winter. That’s because the demand increases as the weather gets cold.

On top of that, you can also buy untreated wood from Lowe’s. The prices are generally affordable. You wouldn’t be spending more than the market price at Lowe’s.

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