Does Lowe’s Sell Curtains in 2023? Comprehensive Guide

Does Lowes Sell Curtains

Curtains are essential household items. You can opt for colorful curtains to elevate your house’s overall appearance.

Make sure to buy similar-themed options to keep your house’s theme consistent. But where will you find a wide selection of curtains?

The accessible option is to go to your nearest home improvement store. People frequently ask, does Lowe’s sell curtains? Let’s find out!

Does Lowe’s Sell Curtains?

Yes, Lowe’s sells various curtains in all of its stores. You can buy curtains and drapes made of cotton, linen, burlap, faux linen, polyester, and velvet from Lowe’s.

You can also shop for curtains based on the design. They have floral, striped, solid, and geometric patterns available.

Additionally, Lowe’s offers full blackout, room darkening, light filtering, sheer, and semi-sheer curtains.

Curtains at Lowe's

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What Are the Types of Curtains?

Generally, the most popular types of curtains are grommet, goblet, single panel, pinch pleat, and panel pair.

You will also find rod pockets, box pleats, pencil pleats, tab tops, blackout, energy-efficient, café, apron, window sill, and tie-top curtains.

Curtains are also classified based on their materials. The most common and budget-friendly choices are cotton, linen, and polyester.

What is the Difference Between Drapes and Curtains?

Generally, drapes are thicker, while curtains are comparatively thinner fabric panels.

Drapes are usually found in formal places, including offices, dining rooms, restaurants, hotels, etc. Curtains are quite common in all households to cover windows.

Moreover, drapes are comparatively heavier due to their thicker materials. On the other hand, most curtains are lightweight.

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Do Curtains Have to Touch the Floor?

Yes, it is better to have curtains that touch the floor.

That’s because the modern lifestyle includes longer curtains to make the space more elegant. However, opting for shorter curtains for bathrooms and kitchens is better.

What is the Most Popular Way to Hang Curtains?

Using rod pocket and rings are the most popular way to hang curtains.

Even in older households, people used rod pocket curtains. These look stylish, and you have more options to choose glossy rods.

Should Curtains Touch the Ceiling?

No, curtains should not touch the ceiling. Hang your curtains within 8 inches from the window to achieve the ideal position.

Some people install the rods very close to the ceiling. That works if your ceiling isn’t that high.

If that’s not the case, try to move the rod at least some inches below the ceiling.


Let’s come back to the original question. Does Lowe’s sell curtains? Certainly! Lowe’s sells a wide variety of curtains as well as drapes.

You can buy grommet, rod pocket, back-tab, top-tab, and pinch pleat panels. In addition, Lowe’s sells all the curtains accessories you’ll require.

That includes rings, rods, rod brackets, rod finials, tiebacks & holdbacks, and valances.

You can also filter curtains on Lowe’s website with colors. It features gold, blue, off-white, green, white, and gray colors, among many others.

Lowe’s also has a detailed curtain measurement guide on its website. It explains rod placement, curtain length, and width.

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