Does Lowe’s Sell Carpet in 2023? (Size, Quality + More)

Does Lowes Sell Carpet

Many people view carpets as luxury items. At the same time, many others see them as essentials.

Either way, one thing is certain. Carpets elevate the overall look of the room. But, buying quality carpets can be a problem.

Where can you find carpets to buy? Well, you have to go to home improvement stores. In this category, Lowe’s is one of the biggest names. But does Lowe’s sell carpets?

Let’s dig in!

Does Lowe’s Sell Carpet?

Yes, you can buy carpets from Lowe’s. In stores, they have textured, patterned, level loop, Berber, multi-level loop, needle bond, and plush carpets.

You can also view indoor and outdoor carpets separately. The Lowe’s website allows you to filter colors as well. This way, you can match the carpet with the room’s aesthetics.

Lowe’s has carpets from popular brands, including Joy Carpets, Style Selections, STAINMASTER, Foss, Lancer Enterprises, and Shaw.

Is Lowe’s Carpet Good Quality?

Lowe’s carpets are generally decent in quality.

Their strongest point is the affordable prices. It can be hard to find quality Lowe’s carpets at such prices.

Moreover, Lowe’s offers a wide selection of carpets. Many of them are from reliable and familiar brands, STAINMASTER and Mohawk.

Is Lowe's Carpet Good Quality

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Does Lowe’s Cut Carpet to Size?

Yes, most Lowe’s stores do cut carpets to size. They also offer binding services via professional workers.

Surprisingly, cutting and binding services are generally affordable at Lowe’s. It costs between $2 – $4 per foot, depending on the carpet type.

Lowe’s also offers carpet installation services. Handled by independent professional workers, installation can cost anywhere between $4 to $6.

Other queries related to Lowe’s store:

What Time of Year Is Carpet the Cheapest?

You will buy the cheapest carpet during the Christmas season from late December to early January.

Other than that, many retailers also lower carpet prices during late spring. Therefore, May and June are also great months for buying carpets.

Does Lowe’s Sell Shaw Carpet?

Yes, you can buy Shaw carpets from Lowe’s. As of yet, there are 12 available options in stores.

Generally, Shaw carpets are budget-friendly. They can cost between $0.83 to $1.28 per sq. ft. at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Sell Mohawk Carpet?

Yes, Lowe’s does sell Mohawk carpets in all of its stores.

Currently, there is only 1 option available. Mohawk Roll bar brown loop indoor carpet costs $0.74 per sq. ft.

Does Lowe’s Sell Carpet Remnants?

You can buy plush remnants and rugs from Lowe’s.

These are generally smaller in size and designed to cover a limited area. Lowe’s sells plush remnants from Garland starting from $28.85.

What is the Cheapest Type of Carpeting?

Olefin is one of the cheapest types of carpeting.

It is also commonly known as polypropylene. Olefin Berber and level-loop carpets are quite popular due to their low prices.

Although it is the cheapest, it doesn’t look that good in homes based on modern lifestyles.

If you want to increase the budget slightly, you can opt for polyester. It is a well-balanced option for quality and cost. However, it is comparatively more expensive than an Olefin carpet.

Final Words

Let’s do a quick review of the carpets at Lowe’s. Currently, there are over 1,000 products. These include residential, commercial, indoor, outdoor, textured, and plush carpets.

How to choose the right pick? Well, the most important part to consider is your house’s theme. Make sure to buy the carpet accordingly. Otherwise, it would look out of place.

Lowe’s can help you buy, install, cut, and bind carpets. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can also visit Lowe’s website and view all the available options. The filters will help you narrow down your search for specific pieces.

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