Does Lowe’s Sell Boxes in 2023? Prices, Types, FAQs

Does Lowe's Sell Boxes

Boxes can come in handy for different situations. You can use them for storage, shipping, packaging, moving, etc. However, buying the right boxes is essential for all of these tasks.

People usually turn to home improvement retailers to buy boxes. One of the most popular is Lowe’s. That is why many people ask, does Lowe’s sell boxes? Here is your detailed answer!

Does Lowe’s Sell Boxes?

Yes, Lowe’s does sell boxes. As of 2023, they have heavy-duty, standard moving and handle boxes. You can buy boxes from your nearest Lowe’s store or the official website.

Most boxes are available for delivery. Therefore, you can buy them from the comfort of your home.

In addition to that, Lowe’s website allows you to filter boxes with type, price, size, material, brand, rating, etc.

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Does Lowe’s Sell Lunch Boxes?

Yes, you can buy lunch boxes from Lowe’s stores and online. Most of them are made of polyester to offer insulated cooling.

You can also buy lunch bags from Lowe’s. They are available in various sizes and made of different materials.

Does Lowe’s Sell Tool Boxes?

Yes, Lowe’s has a wide variety of tool boxes available in stores and on the website. 

They are categorized based on the materials. Some of the most popular options are made of steel, aluminum, and metal.

Additionally, Lowe’s has a large selection of tool chests & cabinets. You can buy them in various sizes. They can come in handy for storing your tools.

Does Lowe’s Sell Cardboard Boxes?

Yes, Lowe’s does sell cardboard boxes. In fact, most boxes available in their stores are made of cardboard.

There’s also another option for Lowe’s cardboard boxes. That is “Recycled Cardboard.” You can also buy foam, paper, and plastic boxes from Lowe’s.

Does Lowes sell Moving Boxes

Does Lowe’s Sell Wardrobe Boxes?

Yes, you can buy wardrobe boxes from Lowe’s.

These are usually taller than ordinary boxes and are used for moving clothes. You can find wardrobe boxes in different sizes and materials.

Does Lowe’s Sell Truck Tool Boxes?

Lowe’s does sell a variety of truck toolboxes. They are made of different materials, including steel and plastic. 

On Lowe’s stores and website, you will find mid-size and full-size truck toolboxes.

Plus, they also sell universal truck toolboxes. It is ideal if you do not know how many tools you want to keep. 

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Can You Get Free Boxes From Lowes?

No, Lowe’s does not give free boxes. They sell a variety of cardboard, plastic, paper, and foam boxes.

These can range anywhere between $1.68 to $40. The price depends on the size and material of the box. 

Why Are Moving Boxes So Expensive?

A moving box goes through a long process to manufacture.

On top of that, it is made from different materials. Some raw materials, like cellulose, can be quite expensive. Another reason why moving boxes is expensive is due to the increased demand.

Many shipping companies have newly opened, and existing ones have expanded their business. That leads to an increased demand for moving boxes.

Most moving boxes are usually thrown or destroyed after one use. Although they can be used again, people go on to buy new boxes. That is the main reason for fewer boxes being produced than required.

Many companies have started using recycled materials to make these boxes to tackle this.

Even some stores, like Home Depot, can take unused boxes. It allows these companies to reuse these boxes for a smaller cost.

Why Have Cardboard Prices Gone Up?

That is also another cause of Supply and Demand. The Covid-19 pandemic encouraged more users to shop online.

And that led to quicker and increased shipments. All of that is directly connected to cardboard boxes becoming expensive. 

Cardboard boxes are considered to be ideal for moving and shipping. That is why most companies opt for these.

But, due to the increased surge, companies are going for other options, like paper and foam. These are lighter and cheaper alternatives to cardboard.


We hope this guide answers your questions about Lowe’s and boxes. You can find a variety of boxes directly from Lowe’s website. Or, you can visit the store and inspect different options physically.

Either way, you should not hesitate about Lowe’s boxes’ quality. They are top-notch and can be used for shipping, moving packaging, and storage.

The prices are also reasonable considering the increased cost of packaging materials. You can also buy packing accessories from Lowe’s and create your boxes at home.

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