Does IKEA Sell Wallpaper in 2023? (FAQs + More)

Does Ikea Sell Wallpaper

IKEA is the ultimate home furnishing brand. Over the years, it has made its unparalleled mark.

Not only does IKEA sell furniture, but they also have mattresses, paint, and other home furnishing products.

The company is often questioned about several products. Since it also has some home décor items, people ask, does IKA sell wallpaper? Here’s the truth!

Does IKEA Sell Wallpaper?

No, you can not buy wallpaper from IKEA. The company does not stock this item, but you can buy wall decals and stickers.

It can be a bummer to know that IKEA does not sell wallpaper. Generally, this item is available in home décor retailers like Hobby Lobby. You can also buy wallpapers online from Amazon, Spoonflower, and other stores.

You can get decals and stickers from IKEA. These are available in the wall décor section of the store. However, they do not carry many products in this category.

Why Doesn’t IKEA Sell Wallpaper?

IKEA is a home furnishing company. Its main focus is to sell furniture and other similar products. Wallpapers fall into the category of home décor and DIY items.

IKEA has a wide selection of beds, sofas, chairs, desks, dressers, mattresses, etc. The store also houses some home décor products. That includes photo frames, mirrors, clocks, wall decals, etc.

On the other hand, wallpaper is a DIY product. That is why none of these products are available at IKEA.

What Other Stores Sell Wallpaper?

Walmart, Spoonflower, Minted, Teampaper, and Jungalow are a few popular stores that sell wallpaper.

Other than the names mentioned above, here are a few stores where you can buy wallpaper:

  • Chasing Paper
  • Kate Zaremba Company
  • Hovia
  • Flat Vernacular
  • Mitchell Black
  • CB Studio
  • Wallpaper Direct
  • West Elm
  • Wayfair
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Graham & Brown
  • Serena & Lily
  • Anewall
  • Murals Wallpaper
  • Rifle Paper Co.
  • Scalamandre

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What Alternatives Wall Decorations Are Available at IKEA?

IKEA does offer some wall decoration options, including decals, stickers, photo frames, mirrors, etc.

It is important to note that these items are not available in a wide variety at IKEA. You will find 2-3 wall decals and stickers. The same can be said for other mentioned products.

You can opt for a bigger store if you want to shop for wall décor. Some popular names include Walmart, Wayfair, Target, Amazon, Etsy, Hobby Lobby, and Kirkland.

Ikea Wall Decoration Items

Does IKEA Sell Home Decor?

Yes, various home décor products are available at IKEA. You can buy these items from the stores or online.

IKEA offers various home décor products. That includes mirrors, candles, noticeboards, paper shops, wall décor, plants, storage boxes, baskets, home fragrances, flower pots, bowls, and other accessories.

You can go all out with IKEA’s home décor accessories. They have pumpkins, hourglasses, leaves, bowls, hands, cactus sets, mini statues, and more.

If you have a vintage-themed house, you can never go wrong with the options available at the store.

Can You Put Wallpaper on IKEA Furniture?

Yes, you can put wallpaper on most IKEA furniture items.

It is recommended to use peel-and-stick wallpapers. These are the easiest to apply and remove.

Additionally, they do not leave any fuss behind. You will not notice any marks after removing these wallpapers. Peel-and-stick wallpapers can also long for a long time.

Does IKEA Sell Wall Stickers?

Yes, IKEA does sell wall stickers and decals in its stores and online.

You can find this product under two categories. Some options are available under “Decoration Stickers,” while others can be found under “Wall Decals & Stickers.”

These stickers can be found in many designs, including leaves, flowers, birds, and statements.

How Much Do Wall Stickers at IKEA Cost?

Generally, wall stickers cost $7.70 to $8.80 at IKEA.

Wall decals, on the other hand, are comparatively more expensive. They are larger, so their prices are also higher. These would range between $13.99 to $19.99 at IKEA.

Similarly, other wall decoration pieces are also available between $3 to $20 at IKEA. The price depends on the size, brand, and design of the décor piece.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this detailed IKEA wallpapers guide. This product is not available at the popular home furnishing brand. But there are still some alternatives available at the store.

The most popular choices are wall decals, stickers, and posters. You can also get other décor pieces, depending on your budget.

IKEA is home to various home décor products. You can definitely find options that fit the aesthetics and ambiance of your house. This way, no item will feel out of place.

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