Does IKEA Sell TVs & Other Accessories? FAQs Answered!

Does Ikea Sell TVs

IKEA is known for offering quality lifestyle products. The company sells premium furniture at affordable prices.

It is also known for its wide variety of items. You will find several categories at IKEA besides furniture.

Many people often wonder about the electronics section at the home furnishing brand. Does IKEA sell TVs and other accessories?

Here’s the truth!

Does Ikea Sell TVs?

No, IKEA does not sell TVs. It has a section for TV and media furniture. That is why many people get confused in this matter.

IKEA has a wide selection of furniture. The store also offers tables and stands for TVs. These items can also be used for other electronic accessories.

People confuse this section for actual TVs. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. IKEA does not sell electronic products.

It is a lifestyle and home furnishing brand. It can help you with picking TV units and stands. However, it is not the right place to look for electronics.

However, you can visit Big Lots for TVs or go to Home Depot for affordable TVs.

What TV Related Items Does Ikea Sell?

IKEA has several TV-related products, including benches, stands, and storage units. You can find all the items under the TV & Media Furniture section.

Most TV units come with cable management options. They are simple to install and use at home.

You can find the one that fits your room. IKEA has the size of each unit labeled with its name. The prices may range from $59 to $349.

Ikea TV Accessories

Does Ikea Sell TV Stands?

Yes, TV stands are available for sale at IKEA. I found several options for my TV as the store has a wide selection of units.

TV stands come in metal and wood at IKEA. Personally, I prefer wooden benches and units. They offer a minimalistic look to your room.

You can find basic stands as well as ones with drawers and shelves. Almost all options have a smart cable management facility.

This way, you can manage multiple TV wires without any hassles.

Does Ikea Have a TV console?

Yes, you can buy TV consoles from IKEA as of 2022. The company has several consoles, stands, and cabinets.

You can also find console alternatives at IKEA. That includes TV stands, dressers, sideboards, etc. Many of them are available with shelves and drawers.

Does Ikea Sell TV Remote?

Unfortunately, IKEA does not have TV remotes in its stores or online.

Usually, people confuse it with the guide on IKEA’s website. It is known as Hide a TV, Remotes, and Gaming Stuff, Too.

The guide covers cable management details so that no wires are visible. It will help you keep your TV stand organized. Overall, it will give a clean look to your room.

What Other Stores Sell TVs?

Generally, stores with electronics sections are highly likely to sell TVs. They are at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, B&H Photo & Video, and Amazon.

You can also opt for brands’ outlets. For instance, a Samsung or Sony store will have a wider variety than a supermarket or grocery store.

These stores also allow you to request a TV model unavailable in their current stock. You can replace or fix your TV parts from the brand’s official outlet.

To Conclude

And that’s all there is to know about IKEA and its TV catalog. The store does not have an electronics section as of 2023.

But one can expect that IKEA will soon start stocking electronic products. The company is expanding into different ventures. In the future, you might be able to buy TVs and their stands under one roof.

That said, many places offer TVs at lower prices. Stores like eBay will offer you some of the best-discounted deals. This way, you can afford even expensive TV models.

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