Does IKEA Sell Toilets? (FAQs + More)

Yes, IKEA does sell toilets as of 2023. The store has a wide range of sinks, faucets, showers, mirrors, storage, vanities, benches, and accessories. You can shop for all these items under the Bathroom section at IKEA.

IKEA understands that toilets are among the most integral parts of a house. They feature a decent selection of toilet products.

Not only the essentials, but the company also has taps, laundries, textiles, and lighting. All of these items make a complete toilet.

Does Ikea Sell Toilets

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Does Ikea Have a Bathroom Section?

Yes, there is a separate section at IKEA for bathroom products. It consists of faucets, taps, showers, lights, textiles, and accessories.

You can view all the available options listed on the IKEA website. They have a separate category for each item.

That’s because you will find many variations of a single product. For instance, IKEA has over 20 sinks available. These may range from $49 to $170.

Similarly, each product category houses exciting options. You can choose one that fits you the best.

Can Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Be Used in the Bathroom?

Absolutely! Ikea kitchen cabinets are not restricted to one part of the house. They pair well with bathrooms as well.

It also depends on the theme of your bathroom. Generally, cabinets do not look good in smaller bathrooms. The place will feel overwhelming and unorganized.

That is why it is better first to consider how the room looks. After that, you can choose the right cabinets for your bathroom.

Ikea Bathroom Products

Can Ikea Metod Be Used in Bathroom?

Yes, IKEA method cabinets can be used in bathrooms as storage units.

The IKEA method frames are quite popular. These cabinet frames were originally designed for kitchens. However, they pair well with bathrooms, too.

That’s mainly because larger bathrooms look good with storage units. And the method frames can get this job done excellently.

As mentioned earlier, it is better first to inspect your bathroom. Make sure the place will look good with the method frames before buying them.

Does Ikea Make Custom Bathroom Vanities?

Yes, IKEA can make you a custom vanity for your bathroom. It is a good idea if you want to keep all the bathroom furniture in one theme.

For a premade bathroom vanity, various options are listed on the website. IKEA offers this item in several categories, including wall-mounted, countertop, mirror cabinets, and double-basin vanities.

You can choose which one looks good for your bathroom. The vanities are also available in multiple sizes, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Does Ikea Have Bathroom Cabinet?

Absolutely! IKEA has a wide range of bathroom cabinets in its stores and online.

You can shop this item in different categories. IKEA has a bathroom with a sink, wall, mirror, and tall cabinets.

You can buy them in glass, solid wood, metal, and plastic. Shelving and base cabinets are also available. These are comparatively more portable so you can move them around easily.

Does Ikea Have Showers?

Yes, IKEA does carry showers. You can shop for different types of showers and their accessories.

The supermarket has an exciting range of shower heads, mixers, rails, and sets. The company also sells shower enclosures and screens. Other accessories, including curtains and caddies, can be bought from IKEA.

The home furnishing brand claims you can save up to 30% of water if you use their showers.

Combine that with all accessories available under one roof, and IKEA offers an excellent deal.

To Conclude

Let’s go back to our original question. Does IKEA sell toilets? Yes, it does. The home furnishing and lifestyle brand has become one of the biggest global names.

It also stocks bathroom products, including all the essentials one may need. The company has tons of exciting options in its bathroom category. You will surely find the products you were looking for.

Moreover, IKEA also delivers most of its toilet products. If not, you can always opt for the pickup option.

Choose your nearest IKEA location to see whether they have your desired product available or not.

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