Does IKEA Sell Spare Parts in 2023? Are They Free?

Does IKEA Sell Spare Parts

Yes, IKEA does sell spare parts. We found small components, like knobs, screws, or plugs, at several stores and online.

They also allow you to order such parts from the comfort of your home. IKEA has a wide range of furniture as well as household appliance parts.

It is important to note that not all IKEA locations will carry spare parts. You have to opt for a store with stock for such items. Additionally, you might not find all the parts at every store.

The stock can vary depending on the location. That said, let’s dig deeper into this subject and find all the answers!

Are IKEA Spare Parts Free?

Yes, you can get small spare parts for free from IKEA. That includes washers, screws, or knobs. These can be requested online at IKEA, and the store may deliver them for free.

Ordering spare parts is an easy process. The first step is to recognize which component is missing or damaged. After that, you can request it from the IKEA website.

Note that these items may not be available at all stores. Even if they are, the store might not give them without any cost. Hence, it is better to order ahead from the website.

Can I Get IKEA Spare Parts in the Store?

Generally, IKEA only carries spare furniture parts in its stores. We visited several locations, and other components were not as widely available.

Spare parts are available at many IKEA stores. But they are not screws, knobs, or plugs. Similarly, the stores rarely carry household appliance spare parts.

They only have components for furniture. You can request and buy them from most locations.

But as mentioned earlier, not every location will have furniture spare parts either. In that case, it is better to contact your nearest IKEA store. You can inquire about the availability of your required component.

Ikea Spare Parts Store

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Does IKEA Replace Broken Parts?

Yes, IKEA does replace broken, damaged, and missing parts in its stores.

The store can replace broken parts at almost all locations. The only thing to consider for that is the original purchase receipt. It works as proof of the purchase. You can also bring the broken part to the store with you.

The store also has a good exchange policy. If you have trouble finding that broken part, you can exchange the entire item. IKEA is known for its return and refund policy.

IKEA can also deliver spare parts to your home. All you need is to order online or via the contact number.

What Happens if You Break IKEA Furniture While Building It?

It depends on the loss. If a small component is broken, IKEA will replace it for you. But we can not say the same if the item is completely damaged.

It is a good idea to scan all new purchases with the IKEA Family loyalty card. It offers a 14-day replacement warranty.

That means you can return and request a refund for a product if it is damaged while building within 14 days of the purchase.

How Do I Find My IKEA Part Number?

The IKEA part numbers are mentioned in the assembly instruction manual. You can read it labeled on the respective part.

Why do you need the part number? Well, IKEA sells spare parts based on serial numbers. If any component is broken or missing, you will need to find its number. Luckily, it is labeled in the instruction manual.

After finding that number, you can request it at an IKEA store. They also offer this service online.

The desired spare part will be delivered to your doorstep. Another benefit is that most spare parts are free of cost.

Does IKEA Do Free Assembly?

No, IKEA does not offer free assembly services.

You have to pay extra charges for them, depending on the product. We found these charges starting from $89.

IKEA does not offer free assembly at any location. However, you can get a free flat-rate quote for a product as well as its assembly.

Generally, the charges for this service vary depending on the item. Some smaller furniture products can be assembled at a very cheaper cost.

In contrast, others can be quite expensive. You can get assembly services from an IKEA store or order them online.


And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on IKEA and spare parts. The store offers free components as well.

If you have broken a smaller part or it has gone missing, you can get its replacement from a participating location.

Additionally, the store also offers this service with home delivery. You can order online or via IKEA’s contact number.

Another thing to consider is the assembly. While it is not free, you will find it at reasonable prices. Plus, the service will save you from the trouble of damaging or losing any part.

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