Does IKEA Sell Paint in 2023? All You Need to Know!

Does Ikea Sell Paint

Are you looking to paint your furniture? Well, you should opt for a reliable retailer. Quality paint can remain fresh for a long time. So, which store should you trust?

When it comes to house furnishing, IKEA is easily the biggest name. But does IKEA sell paint? Let’s find out!

Does IKEA Sell Paint?

Yes, IKEA does sell paint as of 2023. It is available in different colors. You can buy it from an IKEA store or the website.

Before buying a paint bucket from IKEA, there are a few things to know. Firstly, the house furnishing brand generally sells only POPPARE paint.

These are heavily featured in IKEA stores and on the website. Currently, POPPARE paint is available in white, grey, and black colors.

Secondly, the variety and availability of paint can vary from store to store. That means not all colors might be available at every IKEA location.

It is better to contact the store beforehand and inquire about the product.

Ikea Poppare Paint

To find out better paint options, read the following articles:

Does IKEA Sell Touch-Up Paint?

IKEA only sells POPPARE paint. And unfortunately, none of them fall into the category of touch-ups.

What is touch-up paint? Well, it is a type that is used for coating smaller areas. These are only applied on limited surfaces that are newly painted.

Although IKEA does not sell touch-up paint, you can buy it elsewhere. Amazon sells touch-up paint for IKEA furniture. Similarly, many other stores offer this product.

Does IKEA Sell Spray Paint?

Currently, there are no spray paint products listed on the IKEA website. These are also not available in any IKEA location.

The retailer does recommend customers use spray paint on furniture. You can read it in a detailed guide provided by IKEA.

The house furnishing brand discusses 3 methods to refresh old furniture. One of the most effective ways is using spray paint.

Is IKEA Paint Toxic?

Yes, IKEA paint does contain some harmful elements. While it is not completely toxic, it can negatively affect the body.

IKEA furniture products are also not non-toxic. Usually, the paint itself is toxic. When it sits on the furniture and is dried out, it becomes non-toxic.

But still, we wouldn’t recommend someone to eat something off painted furniture, regardless of where it was bought.

Can You Paint IKEA Furniture?

Yes, you can paint IKEA furniture. But not all items are compatible with paint, especially non-wooden ones.

The danger of painting lies in metal, plastic, and fabric furniture items. Experts recommend painting IKEA furniture disassembled.

It helps cover all areas and can get the job done quicker. Once the paint is dried out, you can assemble the furniture item.

Is IKEA Furniture Easy to Paint?

The wooden furniture from IKEA is quite easy to paint. However, some items can be difficult due to their dull nature.

Some furniture products will never get the gloss you expect. That’s because they are made of a naturally dull material.

Another reason why people find IKEA furniture hard to paint is because they do this process with assembled furniture.

As mentioned earlier, it is much easier for you to paint disassembled furniture. Try this method, and you will find the task way simpler.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on the paint at IKEA. While the store does have various paint products, they may not have the widest variety.

You can buy furniture paint from other online stores, like Amazon. IKEA gives you the benefit of lower prices. Additionally, the POPPARE paint is positively reviewed on the internet.

Not all paint products are available for home delivery. So, you will have to opt for in-store purchases or pickup.

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