Does Ikea Sell Meatballs in 2023? Price, Quality, FAQs

Does Ikea Sell Meatballs

IKEA is no longer known as just a furniture brand. The company has expanded into different ventures.

It started its clothing line recently. But did you know that IKEA has been selling food for a long time?

The lifestyle brand’s name is often associated with traditional Swedish meatballs. So, does IKEA sell meatballs?

Here’s all you need to know!

Does IKEA Sell Meatballs?

Yes, IKEA does sell meatballs as of 2023. They have various recipes, including chicken, vegetarian, plant-based, and salmon.

IKEA serves meatballs with dishes like cream sauce, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

You can eat various other food items at IKEA locations that serve food. The company also sells frozen meatballs. You can buy them and cook them at home whenever required.

IKEA uses the traditional Swedish recipe for meatballs. That is why it appeals to a broader audience.

Why Did Ikea Stop Selling Meatballs?

IKEA stopped selling meatballs only in Europe. The decision was taken after traces of horse meat were found in a batch of meatballs.

IKEA got into a serious controversy in 2013. The company stopped selling its iconic meatballs when traces of horsemeat were found in a batch.

However, IKEA cleared the air by claiming that meatballs will only be discontinued in Europe. This decision did not affect other locations, including Canada and the US.

IKEA also closed its diners during the Covid-19 pandemic. That did not affect the meatballs only but the entire menu.

How Much Are the Meatballs at Ikea?

IKEA sells its meatballs for $5.99 per serving.

You can choose to eat them with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, or lingonberry jam.

The price per plate differs from frozen IKEA meatballs. One frozen pack of 2.205 lbs can cost $14.99. The price of chicken meatballs is the same. You can buy them from an IKEA store or online.

Meatballs at Ikea

What Happened to Ikea Meatballs?

As of 2023, IKEA meatballs are part of the store’s food menu, although they were discontinued back in 2013.

As mentioned earlier, the decision was taken due to a controversy surrounding horse meat being used in meatballs.

And this step only affected IKEA locations in Europe. In other countries, meatballs were still included on the menu.

Are Ikea Frozen Meatballs Precooked?

Yes, IKEA frozen meatballs come pre-cooked.

That means you only have to eat the meatballs before eating. You can do so in an oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat for 15 minutes, and they are all set to be served.

You can also heat IKEA meatballs in a microwave. Set the timer up to 3 minutes. Check if they are ready to eat.

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Ikea Meatballs Ingredients

IKEA meatballs are made of 1 finely chopped onion, mixed beef & pork mince, 100g breadcrumbs, 5 tablespoons of whole milk, salt, pepper, 1 garlic clove, and 1 egg.

IKEA released its meatballs recipe to the public amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now view it on the website and the step-by-step cooking method.

The company has also explained its recipe for the beloved cream sauce served with meatballs.

Can You Buy Frozen Meatballs at Ikea?

Yes, you can buy frozen meatballs at IKEA. They come in both beef and chicken packs.

Generally, IKEA sells frozen meatballs by weight. You will find most packs to be around 2 lbs.

They cost $12.99 and are good for family serving. You can view all the options listed on your region’s IKEA website.

Does Ikea Sell Meatball Sauce?

Yes, the beloved ALLEMANSRÄTTEN sauce is listed on the IKEA website and in stores for sale.

You can buy the mix for cream sauce under the “Side Dishes & Sauces” section at IKEA. One pack of 0.028 kg costs $3 and is available for in-store purchases only.

Lingonberry jam and frozen mashed potatoes are also available for sale. You can buy them and serve them with your favorite meatballs.

Does Ikea Deliver Meatballs?

Yes, frozen meatballs can be selected for home delivery at IKEA.

The store has a wide variety of frozen foods. Most of them are available for home delivery, including meatballs.

But some items are only present for in-store purchases. So you can not buy them online.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about IKEA and its meatballs. The store is quite popular for its recipe, although it uses the old Swedish method. You can also cook them at home.

Or, buy them from your nearest IKEA location when shopping for furniture and lifestyle items. The store has a decent selection of food items on its menu.

The good part is that most of them also come in frozen packs. You can get them and cook them at your home for your family. Does it get any better?

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