Does IKEA Sell Mattresses in 2023? Is It Good & Durable?

Does Ikea Sell Mattresses

IKEA is one of the most popular home improvement stores. They have various products for interior design.

You can buy and assemble beds from IKEA. But beds are incomplete without mattresses.

So, does IKEA sell mattresses? If they do, which types are available? Here’s everything you need to know about this matter.

Does IKEA Sell Mattresses?

Yes, IKEA does sell mattresses. They have the crib, kids, and spring mattresses available in stores and online.

The store has different types of mattresses. These are also made of several materials, including foam and latex. You will find mattress toppers and protectors at IKEA.

Currently, IKEA has over 120 options. These include different sizes like Queen, Full, Twin, etc.

You can also get a mattress that fits the size of your little ones at IKEA. They have a wide selection of junior and kid mattresses.

Are IKEA Mattresses Good

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Are IKEA Mattresses Good?

Generally, IKEA mattresses get positive reviews from customers. They are decent in quality and can be bought at affordable prices.

The lower prices are the biggest positive factor for IKEA mattresses. It is difficult to find quality like this at low prices at a high-end store.

In terms of quality, these mattresses are reliable. But they are not the absolute best you can get from the market.

If you want an option within your budget, IKEA mattresses are ideal. They come in various sizes and at reasonable costs. As a whole, we would rate them 7/10.

How Long Do IKEA Mattresses Last?

IKEA claims that their mattresses can last up to 8-10 years.

IKEA offers an unparalleled warranty policy of 25 years. Their mattresses can survive up to 8 years minimum and 10 years maximum.

However, the store also addresses the fact that dust collected in a mattress can shorten its lifespan. Maintainance is necessary for these products, regardless of where you buy them.

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Are IKEA Mattresses Hard?

Not all IKEA mattresses are hard.

They have a separate section for firm ones. On average, IKEA mattresses are 13 inches thick.   Many people prefer firm mattresses. These are good for people with back or neck problems.

IKEA has a decent collection of firm mattresses. You can explore and buy from the 36 available products in this category at IKEA.

Are IKEA Mattresses the Same Size as Standard Mattresses?

IKEA mattresses are not exactly the same size as standard mattresses. They are either 1-2 inches long or short.

That said, most people might not notice the difference. It is almost negligible. You can fit an IKEA mattress in your bed if you have picked the right size.

Does IKEA Deliver Mattresses?

Yes, IKEA does provide delivery options for mattresses. It is not available on all products but with most of them.

It is quite easy to determine whether the mattress can be delivered. Once on its product page, click on delivery. Enter your ZIP code, and it will tell you the availability.

Other than home delivery, most mattresses are available for pickup and in-store purchases.

Does IKEA Pick Up Old Mattresses?

Yes, IKEA can pick up your old mattresses and sofas. It is a part of the delivery service provided by IKEA.

When IKEA delivers a new mattress, the workers can remove the old one. You can also dispose of your sofa and other furniture products.

Does IKEA Recycle Mattresses?

Absolutely! IKEA is very environment-friendly. They take away old mattresses and sofas to recycle them.

Note that this service is only available when you buy a new mattress or furniture item. When they deliver it to your home, the IKEA workers remove the old mattresses.

These mattresses are sent to approve partners of IKEA. They decide whether to recycle the item or not, considering its materials.

To Summarize

Hopefully, this guide clears all your questions regarding IKEA mattresses. The home improvement store is the go-to place for many people for beds and furniture.

Luckily, they also sell mattresses. Hence, you have a one-stop shop to fulfil all your home needs. All mattresses are available at affordable prices.

Combine that with services like home delivery and disposal of old mattresses, and IKEA can be the ideal place to buy mattresses.

Although the quality is not premium, you will not be disappointed, considering the reasonable costs.

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