Does Ikea Sell Gift Cards in 2023? Updated Policy

Does IKEA Sell Gift Cards

Yes, IKEA does sell gift cards as of 2023. Depending on your budget, you can buy them in the range of $5 to $1000. IKEA is one of the few stores that sell gift cards online.

You can get them from the company’s website. But they are also available in almost all IKEA locations.

IKEA has a wide variety of products in its catalog. People are often confused about its gift cards. Do you also have some questions regarding this matter?

Well, no more. This guide will cover all you need to know about IKEA gift cards!

How Do Ikea Gift Cards Work?

You can buy an IKEA gift card from any location or online. It can be redeemed on any purchases at IKEA participating locations.

Note that you can only use IKEA gift cards to buy merchandise from the company. They can not be exchanged for cash. Additionally, they also have no cash values.

You can only use them in the region in which you bought them. For instance, IKEA gift cards from the USA can not be used outside the country.

In addition, you might be wondering if Wawa sells Gift Cards or Tesco sells Gift Cards.

How Many Ikea Gift Cards Can You Use?

IKEA allows you to use multiple gift cards on a single online order.

IKEA has mentioned on its website that you can use more than one gift card on your order. But there are a few catches.

Firstly, using multiple gift cards on a single order is only eligible on the IKEA online store. If your card’s balance is lower than the order, the full balance of your gift card will be used.

In contrast, you will get to keep your card’s remaining balance if the order amount is lower.

Ikea Gift Cards

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How Long is Ikea Gift Card Valid?

IKEA gift cards remain valid for up to 3 years from their date of purchase.

The balance on the gift card remains valid indefinitely. You can renew your invalid card from an IKEA store. It will take up to 48 hours to activate the gift card.

How Do I Check How Much is on My Ikea Gift Card?

You can check the balance on your IKEA gift card by calling 1.888. 888. IKEA (4532).

The company’s customer service team can help you with everything you need to know about your gift cards.

You can also check your gift card balance via the IKEA website. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your IKEA account.
  • If you do not have one, you can create an account easily.
  • Enter the 13 digits on your gift card.
  • Click on the arrow to continue.

You will see all the details about your gift card, including the balance.

Does Walmart Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, you can not buy IKEA gift cards from Walmart as of 2023.

Walmart is quite popular for its gift card catalog. It has various brands, including retail, entertainment, restaurants, etc. However, the supermarket chain does not sell IKEA gift cards.

Does CVS Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

No, CVS does not sell IKEA gift cards.

IKEA gift cards are not available in most third-party retailers. Usually, they are available in the company’s own stores and online. CVS does not have these gift cards either.

Does Home Depot Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

No, Home Depot does not have IKEA gift cards in its stores or online.

Home Depot and IKEA can be considered competitors. They both sell home improvement products. That is why Home Depot does not sell IKEA gift cards and vice versa.

Does Walgreens Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

No, IKEA gift cards are not available at Walgreens.

Most pharmacy stores have limited options in the gift card category. The same can be said for Walgreens. It does not have many third-party retailer gift cards, including IKEA.

Does Kroger Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

Some Kroger stores may carry IKEA gift cards. However, they are not available widely in the supermarket chain.

Kroger has a different mechanism for its gift card inventory. It varies from store to store. Hence, some locations do carry IKEA gift cards.

But that small number is overnumbered by the majority of Kroger locations that do not carry IKEA gift cards.

Does Target Sell Ikea Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, IKEA gift cards are not available in Target stores. They are not listed on the supermarket chain’s website either.  

Target has many gift cards ranging from gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle to travel, digital entertainment, and restaurants. However, IKEA gift cards are nowhere to be found in any of these categories.

Can You Return Ikea Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, IKEA does not allow returns or refunds on its gift cards.

The company has a firm no-refund policy on its gift cards. You can read all about it under the IKEA gift card terms and conditions.

In short, the lifestyle brand does not allow returns or refunds on its eGift cards and ordinary gift cards. You can cancel a card by contacting the IKEA customer service team.

To Conclude: Does Ikea sell Gift Cards?

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on IKEA and its gift cards. The lifestyle brand has an excellent gift card system. They can be used to purchase items online or in stores.

Additionally, the company allows you to use multiple gift cards on a single order. It helps you fit expensive items into your budget.

Last but not least, convenience is the biggest benefit of IKEA gift cards. You can buy and check their balance online from the comfort of your home.

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