Does Ikea Sell Curtains & Rods in 2023? Price+Variety

Curtains are not just window covers. A beautiful curtain or drape can elevate the appearance of an entire room. This item should be chosen carefully.

When buying a curtain, it is best to keep your house’s theme in mind. It will help you select an aesthetically-pleasing option.

Usually, curtains are available at home furnishing and lifestyle stores. IKEA easily tops this category of retailers. But does IKEA sell curtains? Here’s the truth!

Does Ikea Sell Curtains?

Yes, IKEA does sell curtains as of 2023. Several options are listed on the website for online purchases. You can also buy them from all the company’s stores.

IKEA has a wide variety of curtains. They have over 122 options currently available in stock. That includes curtains with different light filtration modes, like room-darkening, blackout, sheer fabric, etc.

You can also choose curtains in different materials from IKEA. They have cotton, viscose, velvet, linen, nylon, polyester, and recycled polyester.

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Does Ikea Sell Curtains

Does Ikea Sell Curtain Rods?

Yes, curtain rods are available at IKEA for sale. You can find all the relevant products in the Curtain Rods & Rails section.

IKEA has over 70 options for curtain rods. You can shop them by category. The company has track systems, curtain wires, and rods. The prices range from $7.99 to $27.99.

Does Ikea Sell Shower Curtains?

Yes, you can buy shower curtains from IKEA stores and online.

The company has a decent selection of shower curtains. You can buy them for as cheap as $2.49.

Some expensive options are available for $11 to $17. Shower curtain rods and rings can also be bought from IKEA.

Does Ikea Have Blackout Curtains?

Absolutely! IKEA has a wide range of blackout curtains in all of its locations.

They are moderately-priced options. Blackout curtains are neither too cheap nor too expensive like room-darkening ones.

Their prices will range from $11.99 to $69.99. Plain as well as printed options are available in this category.

How Much Do Ikea Curtains Cost?

There are several factors that decide the cost of curtains at IKEA. They can cost as low as $14.99 or as high as $84.99.

The most important thing to consider is the material. Some fabrics cost more than others. The cheapest material is recycled or regular polyester.

Plus, room-darkening curtains are the most expensive at IKEA. All options in this category cost $84.99.

Curtains at Ikea

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What Lengths Do Ikea Curtains Come in?

Most IKEA curtains come in 98 inches or 118 inches in length.

You can filter all the curtains at IKEA by size. Most options are available under 98 and 64 inches. Other sizes include 63, 94, 114, and 118 inches.   

Can Ikea Panel Curtains Be Cut to Length?

Yes, IKEA also offers cutting services in its textile department. You can get your curtains cut to the desired length.

The process of cutting your curtains is the same as buying customized ones. Bring your item to the textiles department and tell them the desired measurements. They will cut it to length without hemming it.

Does Ikea Make Curtains?

Yes, IKEA does cut curtains. They have sewing experts on board who can turn your desired textile into a curtain.

The store also offers altering services for curtains. You can get them perfectly sized for your home or office. The good part is all the products and services in this category are affordable.

You can pick a fabric of your choice from the IKEA store. Hand it to the textile department and give them the right measurements you want for your curtains.

And you are all set. You can read more about this service on the Sewing section of IKEA’s website.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about curtains at IKEA. The company has a decent collection of curtains in its textile department.

You can also get customized options by choosing the fabric you want. It helps you keep the house’s theme intact. Plus, customized curtains also fit perfectly with your windows’ length and appearance.

IKEA sells various categories of curtains. You can find several colors, designs, and sizes. In short, you will find the option you are looking for.

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