Does IKEA Sell Clothes in 2023? (Types + More)

Does Ikea Sell Clothes

Yes, you can buy clothes from IKEA. However, they are only launched in Japan. The clothing line is known as Efterträda.

It includes hoodies, t-shirts, towels, and tote bags. IKEA has plans to expand its range further.

You can still buy some clothing pieces even if you do not live in Japan. The home furnishing brand carries bathrobes, hats, bath ponchos, slippers, and kimonos.

These are also listed on the IKEA website. You can order online or shop from your local store.

What Type of Clothes Does Ikea Sell?

The IKEA clothing line, Efterträda, consists mainly of hoodies and t-shirts. These are printed with a stylized IKEA logo and barcode.

But that’s not all in Efterträda. IKEA has also launched bottles, towels, tote bags, and umbrellas under the same clothing line. All hoodies and t-shirts come in pure white color.

That is further enhanced by the iconic blue and yellow IKEA logo. Some articles are also printed with a black barcode design.

The supermarket also has kimonos, hair towels, bath robes, and slippers. And these items are not restricted to Japan only. You can buy them from any IKEA location.

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Clothing at IKEA

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Is IKEA a Clothing Brand?

IKEA claims itself as a “lifestyle” brand. It is not a clothing brand, although it did recently launch its clothing line.

IKEA also collaborates with other brands. That was not the case during the company’s early years. It was only considered a furniture brand.

Today, the company is experimenting with tons of ideas. It has furniture, food, clothing, and other lifestyle products.

Does Ikea Have Clothes Racks?

Yes, clothes racks are available at IKEA for sale. This category holds over 18 items, including traditional racks and bars. 

You can buy various cloth racks from IKEA. The prices range from $12.99 to $179. There are also some bars available.

These can also do the job of clothing racks. Generally, they are preferred for a minimalistic approach.

Cloth bars are also comparatively cheaper. You can get a standard one for only $7.99. Hat racks and storage benches with hooks are also available in this category.

Does Ikea Have Clothes Hangers?

Yes, IKEA does have cloth hangers in its stores and online. You will find this category under the Hooks & Hangers section.

You can get hangers in plastic, which are significantly cheaper. One pack of 10 plastic hangers will cost $1.99.

On the other hand, wooden hangers are expensive. A pack of 8 will cost you $8.99.

You can also buy children’s hangers, connects, shoulder shapers, wall racks, and hooks with knobs at IKEA.

Has Ikea Stopped Selling Fabric?

Yes, IKEA stopped selling fabric in 2020.

There are currently no plans to bring back fabric at IKEA. The store used to have a large selection in its Sewing Products & Materials section. Now, you will find only a few products, including scissors and tape.

Although IKEA did not explain why it stopped selling fabric, the decision was made during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, one can guess the decision was to sustain itself during hard times.

To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide on does Ikea sell clothes. Will it ever be launched in other countries? Yes, one can expect so.

The home furnishing brand has plans to expand its clothing line. That could mean adding more products and launching them in other countries.

With a name like IKEA attached to clothing, people will surely buy it. Those who have bought t-shirts and hoodies in Japan gave them positive reviews. The clothes are affordable and decent in quality.

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