Does Ikea Sell Christmas Trees? Variety, Cost, & FAQs

Does Ikea Sell Christmas Trees

Christmas is the best day for the family to get together. People exchange gifts during this special occasion. The beauty of this day is elevated by the decorated house.

Various Christmas décor items are available in the market. The most important part is a Christmas tree.

You can find it in home furnishing and lifestyle brands. The first name that pops up is IKEA. So, does IKEA sell Christmas trees? Here’s the truth!

Does IKEA Sell Christmas Trees?

Yes, IKEA does sell Christmas trees as of 2023. The company also carries pots and plants for this special occasion.

Generally, Christmas trees are stocked when the day is near. You might not find a lot of variety currently.

The store also has artificial Christmas plotted plants. You can buy them with LED lights any time of the year.

IKEA has a detailed section on its Christmas products. That includes tables, trees, gifts, etc. You can view everything on the company website.

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Christmas Tree at Ikea

What Kind of Christmas Tree Does Ikea Have?

IKEA sells Nordmann fir trees for Christmas. It is a dark green plant grown in Scotland.

The Nordmann fir tree is very beautiful. It fits well with other Christmas décor.

You can buy it from IKEA at the end of November and throughout December. This tree originates from England and Scotland.

Why is it only available at Christmas? Well, Nordman fir trees take up to 10 years to grow. Even after that, the growth is around 2m.

You might also love to know about the real plant variety at Ikea.

How Tall Are Ikea Real Christmas Trees?

You can find real Christmas trees up to 170 cm at IKEA. In some regions, they sell 240 cm tall trees.

Generally, the tallest trees are around 170 cm at IKEA. I found one 180 cm in width and 210 cm in length. Their prices range from $60 to $100, depending on the size.

Artificial trees are also sold at IKEA. You will find some of these to be even taller than real trees.

Are Ikea Christmas Trees Real Artificial?

 IKEA sells both real and artificial Christmas trees in its stores.

The home furnishing brand does not carry one particular type. It has both real and artificial trees. You can buy the one that fits you best.

The biggest differences between the two can be size, color, and price. If your budget is low, opting for an artificial Christmas tree with a realistic appearance is better.

Do Ikea Christmas Trees Go Out of Stock?

Yes, IKEA Christmas trees do go out of stock. They are only available from November 22 to December 23.

IKEA is quite popular for its Christmas trees. So, you can expect this item to go out of stock. It usually happens when the big day is near.

You should buy a Christmas tree at the start or mid-December. That is when you will find the widest selection.

How Much Do Ikea Christmas Trees Cost?

A Christmas tree can cost anywhere between $70 to $170 at IKEA.

The prices depend on the size of the Christmas tree. Real trees are also significantly more expensive than artificial ones. You can buy an artificial Christmas plotted plant for only $24.99 at IKEA.

How Do I Store My Ikea Christmas Tree?

You can store your IKEA Christmas tree in its original box.

Bought your Christmas tree earlier? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s how to store it until the big day:

  • Pack your Christmas tree in its original box.
  • Make sure the branches are all adjusted.
  • Put the box in a store room.

The Christmas boxes are a bit larger than the trees. That’s mainly to avoid collisions with branches. You can keep your tree in its box until Christmas.

Will There Be a Shortage of Christmas Trees This Year?

No, you can buy Christmas trees easily. There will not be a shortage of real or artificial trees.

People were worried about this same issue in 2021. Rest assured that there is no shortage of Christmas trees.

But there are some benefits of buying this item early. You will find more options at better prices.

Stores like IKEA always run out of Christmas trees when the occasion is close. So, buying one at the end of November or mid-December is better.

Where Do Ikea Trees Come From?

IKEA uses Nordmann fir trees for Christmas. These come from Scotland and England.

Many people think IKEA uses trees from Slovakia. But that’s not the case. The company uses wood from Central and Western Slovakia in its furniture.

As for the Christmas trees, they come mostly from Scotland. Some stores also get their trees from England.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about Christmas trees at IKEA. The company is well-known for its selection for the special day. You can find lights, gift cards, and décor plants for Christmas.

IKEA also sells artificial trees for people who can not afford real ones. You can fit them into your budget and decorate them beautifully.

The lifestyle brand will start selling Christmas trees from November 22 to December 23. On the bright side, the big day is not that far!

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