Does Home Depot Sell Wood in 2023?

Wood is easily one of the most versatile materials out there. It can be used in a variety of items, including furniture, construction, walls, fencing, etc.

So, where do you buy quality wood that can meet all the requirements?

Luckily, your nearest home improvement store might save the day. Most people have Home Depot nearby.

So, does Home Depot sell wood? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Home Depot Sell Wood?

Yes, Home Depot does sell wood in its stores. You can buy engineered wood products as well as woodshop projects.

Note that most wood products are either unavailable for delivery or require scheduled delivery.

But, you will find them in almost all Home Depot locations. You can also choose the pickup option for most products.

Does Home Depot Sell Wood

What Kind Of Wood Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot is known for its variety of wood, including lumber boards, planks, dimensional lumber, plywood, decking, lattice, paneling, shims, and fencing wood.

The most popular choice is easily wooden boards and planks. You will find PVC, Barnwood, hardwood, softwood, and MDF boards in this category.

As for plywood, Home Depot has sheathing and project panels. Lumber wood is also available in various sizes at Home Depot stores.

Does Home Depot Sell Wood Pallets?

Yes, you can buy wood pallets and pallet stands from Home Depot stores and online.

Currently, there is only one option available. Vestil recycled Presswood Nestable pallet is the only option at Home Depot for $42.09.

Other than that, you can buy plastic, vinyl, and steel pallets from Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Sell Scrap Wood?

Yes, Home Depot does carry scrap wood in the lumber section.

Home Depot is also known to sell “Dunnage,” also known as Cull Timber. It is broken lumber or wood pieces that are alternatives for scrap wood.

Some Home Depot locations also offer trimming services for lumber for free.

Does Home Depot Sell Balsa Wood?

Although Home Depot does sell Balsa wood, there are no options currently available.

Home Depot might stock Balsa wood soon. You can also buy Balsa carpets and rugs.

Does Home Depot Sell Cedar Wood?

Yes, cedar wood is available at Home Depot for sale.

There’s a separate section for cedar that includes products like panels, fences, and post caps.

You can also buy cedar boards and planks. As of yet, Home Depot has unfinished, square edge and Tongue & groove cedar boards.

Will Home Depot Cut Wood to Size?

Yes, most Home Depot stores have wood-cutting areas.

The professionals at Home Depot can cut wood boards or lumber to your required size. In fact, this service is offered for free in most cases.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Lumber From Home Depot?

Home Depot is known to sell comparatively cheaper lumber than most other stores and lumber yards.

Lowe’s also sells cheaper lumber than yards. However, Home Depot offers the lowest possible prices for lumber.

Some local and lesser-known yards might sell cheaper than Home Depot.



Home Depot is one of the biggest home improvement stores. One of its main reasons for its popularity is its wide selection of products.

Most stores do not have the same catalog as Home Depot. And that can be seen in the wood category. From 1×3 boards to readymade wood fences, Home Depot has you covered.

You can opt for Home Depot wood boards, panels, pallets, planks, lattices, decks, and whatnot. Many of these products are available for home delivery and pickup.

Home Depot also offers its cutting and trimming lumber services in stores. In short, you can choose the pickup option to avoid waiting.

Buy the wood you need, and get it cut to the desired size. All within a single roof. What more could someone ask for?

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