Does Home Depot Sell TVs? Are They Good?

Does Home Depot Sell TVs

Over the years, TVs have become an essential household item. You can watch entertainment, news, sports, and many other things on television.

TVs have also continued evolution with the rise of LCDs, LEDs, and OLEDs.

Due to hauling, people prefer to buy TVs from nearby stores. That is why most buyers go to the nearest Home Depot. But does Home Depot sell TVs?

Let’s find out in this detailed guide!

Does Home Depot Sell TVs?

Yes, Home Depot does sell TVs. As of yet, there is a large variety of flat-screen TVs available in stores and on the website. 

You can find LEDs, LCDs, Trexonic, and portable TVs in Home Depot. Moreover, they also ship TVs according to your selected schedule. 

On top of that, the Home Depot website also has the compare feature. There, you can carefully inspect multiple TVs to find which is better.

Are Home Depot TVs Good

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Are Home Depot TVs Good?

Yes, Home Depot TVs are good-quality products. That’s because the store mostly features popular brands. 

Like every other store, Home Depot also has some low-quality or mediocre TVs. But, you can safely differentiate them from good ones. 

It is better to avoid cheaper TVs. Their picture quality isn’t good, and they would not last long.

On the other hand, spending a few extra bucks can give you a good-quality TV that can last for years. 

Does Home Depot Take Old TVs?

Yes, Home Depot takes old TVs to recycle them. Their recycling program is eligible for all electronic items.

Many people ask, what’s the point of taking old TVs? Well, Home Depot promotes a healthier environment.

Most electronics are made of hazardous materials and chemicals. These can be very harmful to the environment.

That is why it is better to take your old TV to your nearest Home Depot store instead of throwing it in the garbage.

Does Home Depot Sell TV Mounts?

Yes, you can buy TV mounts and brackets from the Home Depot stores and online. 

Currently, they have tons of mounting options. Their catalog includes built-in level, ceiling, commercial electric, white, standalone, and full motion.

The best part is that most TV mounts are available for free delivery.

Does Home Depot Sell TV Antennas?

Yes, Home Depot does have a wide selection of TV antennas.

These include Philips, Antenna’s Direct, Outdoor, Antop, UHF, and Display Resolution 4k. 

Does Home Depot Sell TV Stand?

Yes, you can buy TV stands from the living room furniture section of the Home Depot stores and website.

Home Depot has a wide selection of TV stands. Some are as cheap as $30, while some expensive options cost around $130 – $150. 

Does Home Depot Sell TV Remotes?

Home Depot does sell universal TV remotes. You can find Philips, GE, Programmable, Backlit, RCA, and Big Button TV remotes. 

Generally, TV remotes are affordable. Most of them are priced between $10 – $12. 

What TV Brands Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot has some of the most popular TV brands, including VIZIO, TCL, and Trexonic.

 However, most TV brands are out of stock currently. Therefore, you will mostly find only Trexonic portable TVs at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Deliver TVs To Your Home?

Yes, Home Depot does deliver TVs to doorsteps. Most TVs are available to be shipped for free. However, some others require a shipping fee.

It is important to note that all TVs you find on the website are not available for shipping. The ones that have the “Delivery” option below their name.

You can also see whether the delivery is free or requires additional charges.

On top of that, most other TV accessories are also available for delivery. That includes remotes, TV mounts, stands, and antennas.

Does Home Depot Recycle TVs?

Yes, Home Depot has a recycling program. It allows you to take over all your discarded electronics to Home Depot.

They will recycle it and make it reusable. The main reason behind the program is to promote a healthier environment. 


Home Depot is one of the most popular store chains in the US. Therefore, it goes without saying that you can find a large variety of TVs there.

Even if some options are out of stock, you can expect them to restock soon. And you do not have to go to the store to find out whether they have been restocked or not.

You can do it from the comfort of your home via the Home Depot website. It also lets you buy TVs, accessories, and other electronics online.

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