Does Home Depot Sell Tents in 2023?

Does Home Depot Sell Tents

Are you looking for a shelter for mountain hiking or just need a new tent for your outdoor picnic? Try your luck at Home Depot.

We know, next, you’ll be asking, “Does Home Depot sell tents?” Or “What kind of tents do they have?”

Why don’t you visit this blog post with us to learn about Home Depot tents and related services? Let’s get into it.

Does Home Depot Sell Tents?

Yes, Home Depot sells tents. You can find them in the Department of Sports & Outdoors. They have a whole lot of variety of tents. Some of the famous tents at Home Depot include:

  • 2-door tent
  • 1-door tent
  • Kamp-Rite tent
  • KidKraft tent
  • Camping tent
  • Portable tents and others

Likewise, big names sell tents on Home Depot like WELLFOR, Outsunnny, StanSport, GigaTent, etc. The prices for these tents are quite reasonable.

On average, you can find a good quality tent for $50-$200. Don’t forget to check the deals and offers at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Sell Pop-Up Tents?

Yup, you can buy pop-up tents at Home Depot.

Some of the most common types of pop-up tents are:

  • Rectangle pop-up tents
  • Square pop-up tents
  • Enclosed pop-up tents
  • Everbilt pop-up tents, etc.

The prices vary; on average, these fall in the $100-$250. In addition, you can get their top-rated Everbilt tent for $129 and the exclusive Hampton Bay Pop-up tent for $200.

Does Home Depot Sell Camping Tents?

Yes, Home Depot offers camping tents. These tents come in various sizes and shapes, and you can choose one per your preferences.

They have handy brands of camping tents at Home Depot like Outsunny, WELLFOR, Costway, etc. However, it is considered that Outsunny camping tents are pretty good. You can get one for $120.

Similarly, you can buy a Gazelle tent for $479, another top-seller brand. 

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How Much Does a Normal Tent Cost at Home Depot?

The price depends on the tent’s type, brand, and size. For instance, an average camping tent is sold for around $50-$200.

Meanwhile, a pop-tent has an average price of $100-$250. Similarly, you can get canopy tents for $100-$200.

On top of that, you can avail of benefits like Shop Savings or free delivery if you buy a tent from Home Depot.

How Big of a Tent Do I Need for 2 Adults?

A general rule of thumb says that each person should have 20 square feet of sleeping space in a tent.

Therefore, you will require a 40-square feet tent for 2 adults. But 30 square feet will also work if you don’t have too much goods stock.

But remember, most of the 2-person tents can feel tight unless you are not a big person. So, do your calculations before going to buy a tent. You can also take the help of an expert.

What Tents Are Good for Cold Weather?

Mostly, insulated tents are considered good for cold weather.

They have an additional layer around the normal shell layer that will keep you warm in cold, winter weather.

Some of the well-insulated tents are as follows:

  • ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian
  •  Ayamaya Pop-Up Tent
  •  Otter Vortex Lodge Hub

Similarly, you can go for all-season tents. They are also good for winter weather. These are some of the good all-season tents:

  • Mountain Hardware Trango 4
  • MSR Access 2
  • REI Co-op Base Camp 4
  • Black Diamond Firstlight 2P

Final Verdict:

Okay, what we have learned so far is that Home Depot sells tents. They have almost every trending type of tent, including camp, pop-up, and other portable tents.

On top of that, they have pretty affordable prices for their tent selection. This means that you can shop at Home Depot without hurting your bank.

Lastly, you should have a minimum of 30 square feet of camp for 2 people. And don’t forget to check for the build quality if you are going winter camping.

That’s all from outside about Home Depot’s service of tents. You can reach out to us if you want to ask anything further.

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