Pumpkins at Home Depot: Price, Kinds, FAQs

Does Home Depot Sell Pumpkins

A Home Depot store is a large warehouse-style building that sells items for home improvement projects. The company sells everything from lumber and paint to kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.

You can also find outdoor equipment like lawnmowers and snowblowers at Home Depot.

Going to your local Home Depot in search of a Pumpkin only to find yourself wondering: ‘does home depot sell pumpkins?

Don’t worry in this article, we will uncover the answer; let’s dive into it.

Does Home Depot Sell Pumpkins?

Yes, Home Depot sells pumpkins.

Home Depot sells a wide variety of pumpkins each year, including traditional orange and white ones. But the store also carries other types, such as white, red and green.

It ranges from small decorative ones to giant pumpkins that will fill your entire backyard with a pumpkin patch feel.

The store also sells gourds and ornamental corn stalks, often used as centerpieces at Halloween parties.

Home Depot offers pumpkins in a range of sizes and shapes, as well. If you’re looking for a few decorative pumpkins to add to your Halloween decorating, check out the selection at Home Depot.

You’ll find mini pumpkins and large jack-o’-lanterns in orange or white.

Home Depot Pumpkins

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How Much Do Fresh Pumpkins Cost at Home Depot?

The cost ranges from $19.99 to $346.

The average cost of pumpkins at Home Depot is $19.99. As with all products, the price depends on the variety and size of the pumpkin you choose

The cheapest pumpkin available at Home Depot is priced at $19.99, while the most expensive pumpkin costs $346.

In addition to fresh pumpkins, you can also find a wide range of other fall decor at Home Depot, including fall wreaths and corn stalks.

Does Home Depot Sell Real Pumpkins?

Yes, Home Depot sells real white assorted pumpkins.

These pumpkins are sold in packages of 14. It is one of the easiest ways to get a variety of sizes and shapes in a single purchase.

When Can You Buy Real Pumpkins?

You can buy real pumpkins during the holiday season.

The most common time to buy real pumpkins is in October and November when they are in season and have the best flavor.

You can also buy them in December if you’re willing to pay more because they won’t be as fresh or flavorful as they are during the fall season.

So, you will have enough time to carve them and use them as decorations. You can also buy them when they are already carved to save time on decorating.

How Long Will a Pumpkin Last?

A pumpkin can last for 8-12 weeks in controlled and healthy conditions.

This is the time it takes for the pumpkin to become soft and rotten. In warmer climates, pumpkins will start to rot faster than this.

If you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat, it’s best to keep your pumpkin in the shade and away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

The best way to keep your pumpkin fresh for longer is to keep it out of direct sunlight and store it in a cool place (but not a refrigerator).

This way, your pumpkin won’t get too hot or wet, which can cause it to rot more quickly.

What Other Stores Sell Fresh Pumpkins?

The Home Depot is one of the best places to buy fresh pumpkins. However, multiple stores other than Home Depot sell fresh pumpkins.

These are Walmart Supercenter, Justin’s No Frills, Whole Foods Market, and Save-On-Foods. Moreover, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Kin’s Farm Market, and Safeway sell fresh pumpkins.


Ultimately, the best thing to do for all your fall-related pumpkin needs is to go to Home Depot.

The store’s selection will certainly meet your needs (and most likely exceed them) whether you’re merely purchasing a few pumpkins or need large quantities.

Their pumpkins are everything that any person could hope for from a pumpkin, and that’s why we recommend going there before anywhere else.

So the next time you think of buying a pumpkin, go straight to Home Depot.

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