Does Home Depot Sell Pools in 2023?

Nothing beats the heat better than pools. It is the best thing you can have for your family during summer.

A pool full of clean and cold water is an excellent time for children and adults alike. But, where can you buy one for your home?

The answer lies in the question; of home improvement stores. In this category, Home Depot remains undefeated.

Does Home Depot Sell Pools?

Yes, Home Depot does sell pools. You can buy inflatable, kiddie, metal framed, and hard-sided pools from Home Depot.

Additionally, you will find pool covers at Home Depot. These include safety, leaf nets, solar pool, and winter pool covers.

Some exciting pool toys and games are sold at Home Depot, like baby floats, showers, and diving gear.

Does Home Depot Sell Pools

Does Home Depot Sell Pool Supplies?

Yes, pool supplies are available at Home Depot for sale. These may include robotic cleaners, vacuums, skimmers, brushers, chlorinators, and side cleaners.

Home Depot sells pool equipment from some of the most popular brands, such as Raypak, Ryobi, Blue Wave, Hayward, and Intex.

Pool heaters, filters, pumps, and various replacement parts are also sold at Home Depot, along with a buying guide.

Does Home Depot Sell Pool Chemicals?

Absolutely. You can buy pool chemicals from Home Depot.

As of yet, they have clarifiers, chlorine tablets, algaecide, pool shock, and test kits. Home Depot sells chlorine in tablets as well as in liquid forms.

Does Home Depot Sell Pool Shock?

Yes, pool shock products are available at Home Depot. Some familiar brands may include Spa Time, HTH, Robelle, and Pool Time.

Generally, pool shock is sold in packs of 4, 5, and more. You can also buy calcium hypochlorite chlorinating shock in 24 packs for $179.47.

Does Home Depot Sell Pool Salt?

Yes, Home Depot does carry Pool Salt in its stores and online. Currently, there are only 2 options available. That includes Diamond Crystal and Bare ground pool salt

 You can also buy an automatic pool vacuum and saltwater chlorinator from Home Depot.

What is the Cheapest Pool to Buy?

The cheapest pools are easily the vinyl liner ones, costing between $40,000 to $80,000. However, above-ground pools are significantly cheaper.

In this category, the cheapest options are inflatable and paddling pools, ranging between $40 to $80.

Can Above Ground Pools Stay Up Year Round?

Yes, you can leave the above-ground pools up year-round.

Above-ground pools are not designed specifically for summer only. You can also use them in winter with some safety equipment.

Either way, these pools will not be damaged. Make sure to use a suitable cover for protection.

Which is Better, a Round or Rectangular Above Ground Pool?

Generally, round above-ground pools are better as they offer more space to swim, while rectangular ones only let you swim in a straight line.

A long rectangular pool is good for swimming races. However, that’s it.

With a round above-ground pool, the possibilities are endless. You can have more fun with pool toys and games in the circular space.

How Often Should You Change Above-ground Pool Water?

You should change your above-ground pool water at least once a year.

Most people usually change the water at the start of the spring. Note that you do not need to change the water weekly or monthly.

Use cleaning supplies to keep the water sanitized as it will require less frequent change.

How Long Does an Above-Ground Pool Last?

Modern above-ground pools are made of lightweight materials and can last 7 to 15 years, depending on the usage.

It also depends on the materials of your above-ground pool. Some are less durable and get damaged in only 4-5 years.

On the other hand, many other pools can last as long as 20 years.


Final Words

In short, Home Depot has you covered for the entire summer. Buy a pool and start having fun with your family. You can find a suitable size that fits your backyard.

There are many types of pools available at Home Depot. You are guaranteed to find at least one option that checks all your requirements.

If you buy an above-ground pool, these are even easier to move around. Home Depot has a wide selection of pool supplies, including cleaners, chemicals, covers, pumps, etc.

Not only can you buy a new pool, but Home Depot also helps you take proper care of it.

They also feature a buying and filtering guide on their official website to help customers who have never bought a pool.

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