Does Home Depot Sell Hay? No, But Why?

Does Home Depot Sell Hay

Are you looking to buy hay for your cattle? Then, it would be best if you opted for local plant nurseries and farm feed supply stores.

However, such facilities are not available everywhere. Hence, people have to head to home improvement stores like Home Depot.

But, the real question is, does Home Depot sell hay? Let’s find out!

Does Home Depot Sell Hay?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not sell hay. However, it does sell straws.

Additionally, you can buy a hay storage shelter, bale tie down, and fork. Home Depot has a wide selection of different hay ceiling flat interior paint.

How Much is a Bale of Hay at Home Depot?

As mentioned, above the store does not offer Hay.

On the other hand, one bale of wheat stray costs $7.98 at Home Depot. You can also buy the Home Accents Holiday straw bale of 20 in. for the same price.

What is the Difference Between Hay and Straw?

Straw is a byproduct of a grain crop, whereas hay is harvested to feed farm animals.

Straw is generally achieved from rice, wheat, oats, and grain stalks. On the other hand, hay is made from legumes and grass seeds. That is why you will notice seeds and leaves present in hay bales.

Both hay and straw are also used for different purposes. Mostly, hay is used as a feed crop for cattle and farm animals.

In contrast, straw serves as animal beds and compost. That is why straw has significantly lower nutritional value than hay.

Is Hay Cheaper Than Straw?

Generally, hay is more expensive than straw. You can buy a square bale of straw for around $4, while a hay bale costs $8.

The main reason for hay’s high price is its nutritional value and purpose. It is used to feed animals, while straw is only considered a garden supply or decoration piece.

Is Hay Good Insulation?

Yes, hay is a good insulator, thanks to its air pockets.

Air pockets are excellent for insulation. They are considered a thermal break, meaning air pockets do not let the heat flow through them.

A farm is sensitive to threats like heat, and hay does a good job stopping it.

Does Home Depot Sell Pine Straw?

Yes, you can buy pine straw from Home Depot. A popular option is a longleaf pine straw bale for $31.84 per box.  

Other than that, you can also buy rolled pine straw and leaf bagged pine straw from Home Depot stores.

Why Do Farmers Leave Hay Bales in the Field?

There are 2 reasons why farmers leave hay bales in the field.

The first one is that many farmers leave hay bales to pick them up later when convenient. Another reason is to use hay bales for animal bedding.

You might be thinking that straws are left for animal bedding. Then why leave hay in the field?

Today, straw and hay are used interchangeably. Although it doesn’t work efficiently, it gets the job done.

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Final Words

Buying hay and straw can be a good idea. That’s because almost everyone has a Home Depot store nearby. Moreover, most straw bales are available for delivery.

However, if you are specifically looking for Hay, you have to look at other options.

If you want to save time in buying straws, you can also opt for pickup. Not to forget that Home Depot has a variety of bales available in its stores.

Hence, you will definitely find one that fits your budget and requirements. It is also important to consider that Home Depot sells other relevant products as well.

You will find hay storage shelters, forks, control blankets, garden scarecrows, paints, tie downs, etc. In short, Home Depot is an all-in-one package to fit all your farm needs.

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