Does Home Depot Sell Glass? (Types, Quality + More)

If you’re in the market for a new piece of glass to spruce up your home, Home Depot can be your next choice.

After all, Home Depot is a great place to buy all of your home improvement needs, right? But Does Home Depot sell glass? And if so, is it affordable?

We did some digging and found the answers to these questions and more. Keep reading for our findings.

Does Home Depot Sell Glass?

Does Home Depot Sell Glas

Yes, Home Depot sells glass. If you go to their website or in-store, you will find that they have plenty of sizes ranging from 1 inch to 48 inches.

Other than that, they also have different thicknesses of glasses, starting from 3/34 to 1/8. The average price of glass ranges from $4-$20.

And don’t forget, they house a pretty good variety, including:

  • Crystal clear glass
  • Window repair
  • Table top glass
  • Picture frame
  • Garage door window glass
  • Free glass
  • Impact resistance glass and many more

Home delivery is available for every type of glass purchase.

Does Home Depot Sell Glass for Tables?

Fortunately, Home Depot has glasses for tables. They are available in the glass section in-store or search for ‘Glass Table Top’ on their site.

A different selection is also available in the tabletop category. You can choose from a rectangle, round, or square shape.

Plus, they have various types of glass for your table, including;

  • Annealed glass
  • Tampered glass
  • Standard glass and more

However, they don’t have many brands that offer tabletop glass, only Fab Glass and Mirror.

The average price of tabletop glass falls between $50-100. Home delivery is also available.

Are Home Depot Glass Good Quality?

Yes, Home Depot has good glass.

If you are tight on the budget and want good value for your money, you can definitely vouch for Home Depot’s glass.

Plus, they have plenty of options, varieties, and styles at their outlets. So, you can get everything under one roof.

Another advantage of ordering glass from Home Depot is its installation services. If you don’t have your own contractor, they will install the glass at your house at pretty reasonable rates.

The cherry on top is Home Depot’s excellent customer service department. Even if you haven’t bought anything from them, they will still help you fix installation issues related to that product.

Does Home Depot Sell Replacement Glass for Windows?

Yes, Home Depot sells replacement glasses for windows. They have two brands that offer these glasses, LARSON and TAFCO WINDOWS.

However, you can’t get your replacement glass as per your own requirements. Instead, you can choose from one of their pre-sized glasses.

The price of window glass ranges from $150-$200, while the maximum you can go is $3500.

Does Home Depot Sell Mirror Glass?

Of course, mirror glasses are available at Home Depot. You can find them in the home decor department.

They have tens of color options as well as finishes. Additionally, various brands at Home Depot sell mirror glass. Some of the famous brands are:

  • Empire Art Direct
  • A & B Home
  • Kate and Laurel
  • NOVA of California and others

The lowest price for the glass starts at $41, which tops at $1699. Additionally, with the Special Buy offer on selected items, you can save up to 30%.

Does Home Depot Sell Sliding Glass Doors?

Yes, Home Depot has sliding doors. They can be found in the exterior doors department.

Home Depot is one brand that gives you many customization options at lower rates. You can choose the doors’ handling, type, color, and configuration.

Plus, Home Depot houses many brands that provide you with a variety. The average price of a sliding door lies between $100-$300. This price varies on the design of the door.

Does Home Depot Sell Glass Shelves?

Yes, you can find glass shelves at Home Depot in the storage & organization department. You can buy a complete package and a single sheet of glass.

Depending upon the type of glass, the price varies between $20 and $400. You can save some bucks with offers like Special Buy and New Lower Prices.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass for Shelves?

No, Home Depot doesn’t cut glass, be it shelf or door glass. You can either order a pre-cut glass or can look somewhere else.

Nonetheless, you can buy glass from Home Depot as they have an extensive selection and hire an expert to cut it.

Moreover, you can find a guide on “How to cut a glass” at their site. Plus, their sales persons are always available to guide you in this regard.


In the end, Home Depot sells a large variety of glass. Not only do they have low prices, but they also offer discounts and promotions on their glass products.

Whether you are on the hunt for window glass or looking for tabletop glass, they have it all. Additionally, you can find replacement glasses for your windows.

On top of all, if you want to fix your glass-related problems, you can find information at their help desk.

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